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Update from Higinio Ochoa aka W0rmer

On August 14, Sue Crabtree and Jahba Don co-wrote an article for Cryptosphere regarding the unspeakable situation W0rmer finds himself in while being eligible for early release from prison. You can read the article here:  In this article, they were able to outline not only the issues within the prison system that have prevented W0rmer from being released to a halfway house or home to his family, but it also provides some insight into the emotional damage that these head games can cause any prisoner.  Throughout his incarceration, Hig has remained high spirited and very interested in the world on the “outside” while offering ways he can be of assistance even while locked up.  Over the last week we have watched this upbeat individual begin to wilt and lose hope that he will soon be released from the bars that have held him since 11/29/2012.

How a Jailed Anon is Conveniently “Forgotten” in the Prison System

via CryptoSphere

For weeks now, we at FreeAnons, have been working on preparations for the release of W0rmer. What we have encountered along the way has been an endless and pointless series of flaming hoops through which we have been forced to jump. When a man has served his time and is scheduled for release, getting him released should not require this much work. It has been suggested that W0rmer’s delay in release is intentional and is retaliation for the release of this information and targeting of police officers. read more

Matt DeHart Rally in Toronto August 16 2pm est

The following message has been provided to us by the #FreeMattDehart team:

A support rally for Matt Dehart will take place in Toronto, ON in front of the United States Consulate General(360 University Ave) at 2pm est on August 16. Our goal is to have another demo outside of the courthouse on August.20th.  A worldwide show of solidarity with Matt in your community at the same time as the Toronto rally would be outstanding.

B.O.P. Stalls the Release of W0rmer

On Sunday, August 10th we received an email from W0rmer asking us to reach out to the Plainview, Texas Department of Probation and inquire as to what may be delaying his release. We contacted the Plainview offices who advised us that they only supervise state cases and that federal cases were monitored in Lubbock, Texas. We then called the Federal Probation office in Lubbock. A very helpful woman advised us that a caseworker who had done a pre-release home visit to W0rmer’s parent’s home had never closed out the file and that was due in June. At this point Kylie, W0rmer’s wife, reached out to a case worker who was previously involved. She was not available however Kylie was able to speak to a woman who provided her with some well needed direction as far as moving and a home visit.