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All Eyes Are On You, Alex Poucher

Freeanons was contacted by Alex Poucher on Sunday, February 21 requesting assistance with his Gofundme campaign for the 3 years in prison and $12,000 in fines he claims he is facing for his actions in Ferguson, MO. A member of FreeAnons offered to spend the day on Monday assisting Alex in locating legal representation for his upcoming court hearing on Tuesday, February 24. Alex made no attempt to be present for a scheduled online meeting with Freeanons representatives. When asked afterwards why he had not complied with the simple request to meet at the agreed time, his combative demeanor belittled the actions of someone reaching out, reacting without reason and rancor at those who simply reached out to help him. When Poucher did not make himself available for this meeting, and failed to contact us, an activist and researcher from FreeAnons began investigating Poucher and his claims. What we found out was nothing less than shocking and in direct conflict with statements made by Mr. Poucher.

Arrests Continue in Ferguson

As protests continue in Ferguson, arrests also continue.  John Anthony Fairhurst, an activist and key organizer of the Million Mask March was arrested on Saturday, February 21, 2015 while participating in a peaceful street protest with dozens of other activists.  In a recently released video, John was singled out, grabbed, thrown to the ground and assaulted by several Ferguson Police officers.  He was charged with the following:  Walking in a manner (Jaywalking), Resisting arrest (not according to the video), Marijuana paraphernalia (one hitter) and  (my personal favorite)-Destruction of property (One of the arresting officers broke a belt loop while he assaulted John).  John has a court date in April to face these charges.

Lorax Returns to Court on March 3

Adam Bennett, our very own Lorax, is heading back to court on March 3.  He has yet to enter a plea, but has been kept off the air for nearly one year now.

Dennis Collins Sentenced Today

Dennis Collins aka Owen, a defendant in the Payback 13 and Paypal 14 case, was sentenced today in the Eastern District of Virginia for his alleged part in Operation Payback. Dennis Collins was the last defendant to accept the proposed plea deal in this case.

Fidel Salinas Sentenced to Prison on Hacking Charges

Fidel Salinas, a member of Anonymous, has been sentenced to 6 months in prison and forced to pay $10,600.00 in restitution. He has recently surrendered to the U.S. Marshall service to begin his sentence. Prior to surrendering to the Marshall’s, Salinas reported that he was contacted by the FBI and asked to gather intel on Mexican drug cartels and also on government figures accepting bribes from drug cartels.