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T-Shirt Campaign to Assist Lorax Defense Fund

Freeanons has produced t-shirts and hoodies to assist Lorax with his legal defense fund.  These are great shirts and hoodies and the proceeds from this campaign will be sent to the defense fund of Lorax.  Please consider picking up a great t-shirt or hoodie and helping the host of LoraxLive from Anonops Radio.  Below are the links to all of the shirts that are ready for your purchase.  This campaign ends soon so grab a shirt and show some love.

To Our Beloved Anons Recently Arrested in Italy

Aken, Otherwise, the entire Freeanons family is here for you.  We are pained by this loss and we are angered by your arrests.  We will be here with you each step of the way until you are returned to the ones that love and need you.  From our hearts to your hearts, you are loved and you are missed dearly.

A message to Our Arrested Brothers in Italy-Anonymous

Quando un Anonymous è arrestato e la sua identità svelata è come una morte. Ma più forte della morte è l’amore.
I nostri compagni amati sono con noi, nei nostri cuori. Nessun arresto potrà strapparli via.
Aken e Otherwise erano e sono veri anon, che hanno combattuto per l’ideale pur sapendo quali conseguenze avrebbero pagato.

#LoraxLives Twitterstorm Sunday 2pm eastern time

Tomorrow, we will have a huge show of love and support for Lorax by way of a twitterstorm which will begin Sunday at 2pm eastern time and carry on for as long as we can.

Freeanons is in Mourning  #LoraxLives

On May 17th, 2015 at 2pm eastern time, we intend to have the largest tweetstorm known to Twitter as we send our love and support to Lorax who was arrested one year ago in Australia.  Lorax, the host of LoraxLive on Anonops radio, has been banned from the internet for one year.  It’s time to remind Lorax that he is never forgotten. He remains in the hearts of all who knew him.  Please join us in a worldwide tweetstorm to remind our friend in Australia that we are here fighting for him until he is freed from the restrictions that have kept him off air for one year.  We have chosen #LoraxLives and would love your assistance in ensuring that we get this trending on Twitter.