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In the Matter of the International Community v Israel

In the Matter of the International Community v Israel

Custom Mask Scheme

Over the last several days, FreeAnons has learned that a group purportedly making custom Guy Fawkes masks was claiming to donate to Freeanons. We are here to clarify this information.

Activists Launch Campaign For Resistance Mobile Response Unit

Combining independent journalism and helping hands, activists will break free from stationary constraints to serve as nomadic support system for groups nationwide.

What is #Donation11?

The #Donation11 Campaign is a campaign initiated by Kitty Hundal and developed by Raymond Johansen to encourage artists to donate 11% of their artistically-earned incomes to social causes.

Bold New World: The Coffee House Notebooks

“Imagine,  for a moment, the instant in which a schizophrenic realizes that he is not, in fact, a schizophrenic, that it is human society itself afflicted. Contained in these pages are the living and the loving, the poems and the paintings, of that schizophrenic-in-remission, imagining a society sane”.