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Barrett Brown is in SHU and Your Help is Needed

Barrett Brown has been sent to SHU, special housing unit, at FCI Fort Worth. While we are unclear as to what precipitated his transfer, we do know that he was transferred without his antidepressant medication, which should not be discontinued abruptly. Supporters and family have tried to contact the prison to address his medication issue and his administrative complaints regarding his email, which he wrote about here and here Thus far, we haven’t been able to get answers to either of these questions. Therefore, we ask that you do the following: please fax or email the BOP both at the federal level and the local level, at the addresses below. You can copy and paste the statement we have written here and either read it or email it to the facilities we have indicated. We ask you to politely address the officials that you contact, and clearly state that we want Barrett’s issues corrected.

Absantos Court Update


In Australia tomorrow, Juzzy- Absantos is on the schedule for the Downing Centre Court 9:30 for a mention. A “mention” in court means there will be no hearing or advancement of the case.

Freeanons Responds to Recent Italian Government Website Defacements

While Freeanons believes in the right to peaceful digital protest, we would like to state that  we have not taken part in the recent defacement of Italian government websites.  We stand in solidarity with all arrested Anons throughout the world who are being unfairly persecuted.  Our goal is to provide what assistance we are able to provide while working within the law.  Our brothers recently arrested in Italy and France have our full support, love and attention.  Our comrades in Australia are also receiving what support we are able to give them and they are not forgotten.  We ask that you support all Anons facing arrest and remind them that we will never forget their sacrifices.

Freeanons Mourns the Loss of Janet Whitley Sylvia Martin

It is with profound sadness that we find ourselves writing this post today to mourn the loss of an amazing woman.  Janet Whitley Sylvia Martin, an Anon Medic who dedicated her life to family whether it be her real family or family that she found online, has lost her battle with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease.   She recently assisted Freeanons in getting food and necessary items to an Anon who had found himself in a very desperate situation.  With Janet’s help, food was delivered within a few hours and a plan was put in place to prevent such an emergency in the future.

T-Shirt Campaign to Assist Lorax Defense Fund

Freeanons has produced t-shirts and hoodies to assist Lorax with his legal defense fund.  These are great shirts and hoodies and the proceeds from this campaign will be sent to the defense fund of Lorax.  Please consider picking up a great t-shirt or hoodie and helping the host of LoraxLive from Anonops Radio.  Below are the links to all of the shirts that are ready for your purchase.  This campaign ends soon so grab a shirt and show some love.