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What is #Donation11?

The #Donation11 Campaign is a campaign initiated by Kitty Hundal and developed by Raymond Johansen to encourage artists to donate 11% of their artistically-earned incomes to social causes.

Bold New World: The Coffee House Notebooks

“Imagine,  for a moment, the instant in which a schizophrenic realizes that he is not, in fact, a schizophrenic, that it is human society itself afflicted. Contained in these pages are the living and the loving, the poems and the paintings, of that schizophrenic-in-remission, imagining a society sane”.

“Remember the Dead, Solidarity for the Living” -Brandon Baxter

A brief writing by Brandon Baxter of the Cleveland 4.  We believe that his statement relates to all incarcerated prisoners and would like to re-post his article which was originally posted at Wildfire:

Prison America Written by Stanley Cohen

This piece is not about Stanley Cohen. For that you will have to wait for the play, the book, the movie or, better yet, the cartoon strip yet to unfold. Or try the “haters” section in Google. However, one thing is for sure; after three plus decades as a criminal and political defense attorney and advisor to some foreign governments and a good number of national liberation and revolutionary groups I know as much about this thing called the U.S. criminal justice system and its profit-making prison industry as any politician, academic, journalist, jurist or attorney. Oh, yes, did I forget ? As I write this piece. I am no longer Stanley Cohen, Esq. but rather, inmate # 19846-052 locked up as I am in a U.S. Federal prison camp. It’s not the first time I have been jailed as a result of my work or beliefs or activism. Besides my current internal exile for “impeding the IRS,” I served about a month in a Quebec prison in 1990 for seditious conspiracy for my work at Khanesatake (“Oka”) during the Mohawk standoff with the Canadian army. On that occasion, I was vindicated some two years later. I’ve also been arrested about another half dozen times or so on minor political charges arising from my own activist life all these years. And I am currently banned from Israel and Egypt and, possibly, Jordan and Kuwait because of my legal work and politics- seen by some regimes as dangerous to their “security.”

A Memory Gift to Honor Dennis ‘owen” Collins

On July 18, we were given the devastating news that our treasured friend Dennis “owen” Collins, a co-defendant in the Paypal 14 and Payback 13 cases had passed away. Dennis had recently begun to host the LoraxLive radio show on AnonOps radio, standing in for our beloved friend Lorax.