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Declare Victory, Come Home

Following the events in Paris Stanley has sent the following piece – as always please share widely – Up the Rebels (21 days and counting)

Do You Care About Our Persecuted Anons?

Do You Care About Our Persecuted Anons?

I’m confused as to how many activists don’t know about the PayPal14, the Payback13, Stanley Cohen and how some don’t even know about Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown. Sure, many know about the late Aaron Swartz and even Chelsea Manning, but what about the others? How can you not know about our two Anons facing prison in Italy? Or the 3 facing decades in prison in France? Why don’t you know about the one Anon who recently received a 3 year sentence in Australia, and another who is facing decades upon decades in prison in Australia? How many of you even know the name Lauri Love? Lauri is an amazing young man/activist and all-around friend to so many who is facing extradition to the U.S. (and if he is extradited, I fear he may never see the sunlight again!) What about Matt DeHart? Do you even know his name? Do you know he was forced to take a plea deal that will jail him for years to prevent him being jailed for up to 40 years? Why was he arrested you may ask? Because he fought the government which never ends well for our Anons. Will you write to Matt DeHart, who has suffered severely since his arrest and deportation back to the U.S. from Canada after he was denied asylum? How about Jon Cowden, do you know his name?  Jon was jailed for a year for his part in #OpFreePalestine. His life has been turned upside down as a result of his persecution and it continues to be a mess. Have you heard of Dennis Collins, a defendant in both the Paypal14 and Payback13 cases? He not only gave up 3 years of his freedom for what he believed in, he ultimately gave his life for it.

Forgotten Words-Stanley Cohen

We are always honored to post messages from our Anons in prison.  Stanley Cohen has asked that we share his articles and it is our honor to do so.  Stanley hasn’t given up his fight and it’s an honor to call him a friend to Freeanons.

“We Are Truly Legion” By Stanley Cohen

A message from Stanley Cohen:

“We Are Truly Legion”

I don’t know personally Nour AlGhussein but I do know her sister, writer Walaa AlGhussein, pretty well and for a long time. They are among the five children- four girls and one boy born to Fatma and Khalid in Gaza. The AlGuhssein children are our future- all our futures. From what I know, they are very smart, independent, giving and passionate about making a meaningful difference in the lives of their family, Nation and world. And while so many others among us have seemingly given up, surrendered to events which some unfortuantely feel they cannot impact, let alone change for the better, the children of Fatma and Khalid have refused to go silently unto the night. Though young and in the early stages of their life’s journey- its a travel of purpose, pride and accomplishment despite the great deprivation and danger that their family — indeed, all families in Gaza — faces every day. To be Palestinian and young is not easy.

Happy Birthday Nerdo

The folks at Anonops and Freeanons would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Christopher Weatherhead aka Nerdo.