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Update: Lorax court date – March 3

Adam Bennett, our very own Lorax, has court on March 3 in Perth Australia, and could face decades in prison.  Lorax and family; you are in our hearts and on our minds.  We wish you are favorable outcome in court.  We will be with you in spirit and awaiting your return to your seat at…

T-Shirt Campaign to Assist Lorax Defense Fund

Freeanons has produced t-shirts and hoodies to assist Lorax with his legal defense fund.  These are great shirts and hoodies and the proceeds from this campaign will be sent to the defense fund of Lorax.  Please consider picking up a great t-shirt or hoodie and helping the host of LoraxLive from Anonops Radio.  Below are…

#LoraxLives Twitterstorm Sunday 2pm eastern time

Tomorrow, we will have a huge show of love and support for Lorax by way of a twitterstorm which will begin Sunday at 2pm eastern time and carry on for as long as we can.

Freeanons is in Mourning  #LoraxLives

On May 17th, 2015 at 2pm eastern time, we intend to have the largest tweetstorm known to Twitter as we send our love and support to Lorax who was arrested one year ago in Australia.  Lorax, the host of LoraxLive on Anonops radio, has been banned from the internet for one year.  It’s time to…