About the Corporation

December 31, 2013 by Freeanons


FreeAnons has many people who assist with its operations all over the world. There is no group, staff or leader of Freeanons. Most of the people who assist us are totally Anonymous, and they are the heart of FreeAnons. They work at irc.Anonops.com #freeanons. However, in our mission to assist arrested Anons, we have maintained a donation fund since 2011. This fund is only part of what we do, but it requires real world support from people who have agreed to lend their names to the cause. The fund operates as an emergency fund for those who have no other resources. As such, we set up a corporation that is managed by individuals who are entrusted to care for the money, pay taxes on it, and make sure it gets to those who need it. This corporation runs as an adjunct to irc activities, and the information below pertains only to the corporation itself, which must abide by certain laws in order to exist at all.

We do not utilize a non-profit entity as there are strict IRS rules as to a corporation’s behavior as a 501 (c)(3). Unlike some non-profits, however, we pay no officer salaries. Our “profits” are distributed as donations to Anons facing different levels of prosecution.  All our services are donated and we publish our tax figures as they are filed. Also, we have recently instituted a board, who can review donations, and help with decisions that involve corporate matters.

David Merelind Brown
Nancy Norelli
Kevin Gallagher
Douglas Lucas
Pamela Drew
Kylie Ochoa
Vincent Kershaw
Rachel Allshiny
Dominick Bruno
Doc Rocket
Michelle James
Brian Duffield
Marcos Wolf
Larry Cumiskey
Danny Devine
Christy Deryn
Raymond Johansen
Faryl Zaklin

Our goal is international support for all Anons.  We are in need of
supporters for our board in the UK and Asia.  If you are known to FreeAnons
and would like to become part of our board, we would love to hear from
you.  Please reach out to us at @FreeAnons on Twitter.