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We are happy to announce that we have begun restoring There is a lot of history here and we are humbled to have the opportunity to continue the work many of our prosecuted brothers and sisters began. The Anonymous Solidarity Network is reorganizing under the close advisement of founding members, Nancy Norelli Esq. and Jeremy Hammond, and we eagerly seek public participation. If you have questions or would like to learn how you can help, please contact us. We owe an enormous debt to AnonOps and to all that have taken on the cause of supporting our fallen comrades. We stand in solidarity with all arrested anons and we are grateful for those that have stood with us.

We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network. We stand in solidarity with all arrested anons. We stand firm in our belief that hacktivists are not criminals and that hacktivism is not a crime. We stand in remembrance of Aaron Swartz as we say that information wants to be free and that those who liberate it are heroes. We set our sails in a sea of troubled waters and hoist high a black flag. We will not allow the rebellion to end so long as our brothers and sisters are held captive. To those who seek to prosecute us we have a warning. Our numbers fluctuate and our causes are often chaotic but there is one cause for which we all agree: FreeAnons! Our cause orchestrates an unorganized and leaderless collective. Until all Anons are free we will attest to the Anonymous creed. We do not forgive. We do not forget. If you are being prosecuted for involvement in hacktivism please contact us. We will stand in solidarity with you!