Do You Care About Our Persecuted Anons?

November 18, 2015 by Freeanons

Do You Care About Our Persecuted Anons?

Do You Care About Our Persecuted Anons?

I’m confused as to how many activists don’t know about the PayPal14, the Payback13, Stanley Cohen and how some don’t even know about Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown. Sure, many know about the late Aaron Swartz and even Chelsea Manning, but what about the others? How can you not know about our two Anons facing prison in Italy? Or the 3 facing decades in prison in France? Why don’t you know about the one Anon who recently received a 3 year sentence in Australia, and another who is facing decades upon decades in prison in Australia? How many of you even know the name Lauri Love? Lauri is an amazing young man/activist and all-around friend to so many who is facing extradition to the U.S. (and if he is extradited, I fear he may never see the sunlight again!) What about Matt DeHart? Do you even know his name? Do you know he was forced to take a plea deal that will jail him for years to prevent him being jailed for up to 40 years? Why was he arrested you may ask? Because he fought the government which never ends well for our Anons. Will you write to Matt DeHart, who has suffered severely since his arrest and deportation back to the U.S. from Canada after he was denied asylum? How about Jon Cowden, do you know his name?  Jon was jailed for a year for his part in #OpFreePalestine. His life has been turned upside down as a result of his persecution and it continues to be a mess. Have you heard of Dennis Collins, a defendant in both the Paypal14 and Payback13 cases? He not only gave up 3 years of his freedom for what he believed in, he ultimately gave his life for it.

This is but a snippet of the issues we face at Freeanons, and to say our work is heartbreaking is an understatement. People facing persecution, decades in prison worldwide, asking for help and support and no one seems to care about them. My question is to all of you…When you don that mask, do you even think about our Anons who don’t have the right to don a mask any longer, whose freedoms have been taken from them with no ability to even speak without being censored? Do you think about them? Do you care? Do you even send a small solidarity postcard to these people who gave up their freedoms for you?

I wonder, is Freeanons doing this wrong? Are we not showing the world what is happening to our Anons in every police state? I see so many posts about arrested Anons and just as quickly many of you move on to something you find more important. This is very concerning to me. If you gave up your freedoms in the hopes of a better future, wouldn’t you, at the very least, ask for people to stand with you? Did you remember these Anons while you marched in the MMM or posted articles about each march? I’m guessing the answer is a solid “no”.
Truthfully, I don’t care who I offend with this post; Many of you have offended me. How can you so quickly forget as you chant the Anonymous creed “We do not forget”?

I was speaking to a rock solid activist the other day who gave up so much of himself to try to right the wrongs of a thieving Anon who stole from many. It was then that I realized, something is wrong when people either do not remember what has happened since 2011 or simply do not care. Many of you folks need some very serious educating and I ask you to please open your eyes. Being an Anon does not simply mean stomping your feet in a march. People are suffering in prison for acting on what they believe in! If they could, they would be standing and fighting for your freedom! Our lawyers are being imprisoned! What happens if you were arrested and there was no one who stood for you to defend your actions? I wonder if you would feel the pain that these jailed activists feel then.

No, I refuse to forgive and I refuse to forget our dear Stanley Cohen, activist/Attorney and an all around badass. Jeremy Hammond, the one who took ownership of the Stratfor hack all under the direction of the FBI, or Barrett Brown, imprisoned for 63 months for sharing a damned link, Aken and Otherwise, Green Right’s activists who have been imprisoned in their homes in Italy for months without permission to even interact with friends, 3 French activists facing prison, Absantos, activist/Anon in Australia just sentenced to 3 years in prison and our very own Lorax, activist/radio host/friend/father and one of a small few who gave a damn when Jeremy Hammond was arrested. I refuse to forget Ed Snowden who sits in Russia in order to give you a small glimpse of what the NSA is doing to you. No, I don’t forget.  I sit and wait for people to come forward and say, “I don’t forget these brave men.” As I sit and wait, it never happens. There is always another arrested Anon and there is rarely an offer to assist these men. I know that at least some of you  support these men but with so many activists out there, it’s impossible for me to imagine that so few support these prisoners regularly!

What I’m trying to say is simply this: How do you call yourself Anon and not know about the ones who have given their lives for causes they believe in and how can you not know who they are or even care about them? That is not the Anonymous that I believe in or stand with.

I don’t intend to name people in this post but I would like to send a huge thank you to the few who have taken a stand and have been a part of the advisory board of Freeanons in an effort to assist all arrested Anons. I would also like to thank all who send letters and books to our prisoners.  They truly appreciate you.  And to those of you who haven’t stepped up and offered to help, please enjoy that mask while you can and we will be right here to support you when the wolves knock at your door and drag you away.

Sue Crabtree