Donations & Fundraising

Help prosecuted Anonymous members by making safe & secure donations

  • PayPal14:
    Eleven individuals charged with helping overwhelm PayPal’s website in 2010 have reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors that could potentially allow them to avoid a felony conviction. The PayPal 14 need our support to assist them in paying restitution in their cases! Each defendant owes $5,600.00 in restitution. You can help support the PayPal 14 by donating directly to their GoFundMe fund. This is a really important donation campaign. We urge you to support in any way possible, through retweets and social media.
    Paypal14 Fundraiser
  • Barrett Brown:
    Help raise funds for the legal defense of Barrett Brown – American activist, author, freelance journalist and founder of distributed think tank Project PM. Each dollar raised is your vote in this important campaign for free speech and transparency on the internet – and around the world.
    Barrett Brown Fundraiser – Bitcoin wallet 1FreeBBjTK5XXXsnjYB8foyFhGGHoajpRF
  • Jeremy Hammond:
    Jeremy Hammond was arrested on allegations of access device fraud and hacking. Jeremy is being charged as the main person behind the December document liberation on U.S. security company Stratfor that was posted on Wikileaks. The money transfers into a bank account, managed by a family member, which was set up to receive solely the donating from WePay. Currently all donations go to Jeremy’s commissary account.
    Jeremy Hammond Fundraiser
  • Higinio Ochoa:
    A federal judge in Austin this past week sentenced Higinio Ochoa III aka W0rmer to 27 months in federal prison for hacking into computers of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, Houston County, Alabama and the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association.
    – BitCoin wallet 1BG16GZLpqkGBE2ocKQbi8yAy1H3s9JUHG