Freeanons Endorses September 9th National Prisoner Strike

June 21, 2016 by Freeanons

Freeanons Endorses September 9th National Prisoner Strike

FreeAnons, the Anonymous Solidarity Network dedicated to supporting imprisoned hacktivists, welcomes the call for a coordinated national prison strike on September 9th in protest of modern day slavery. As an organization which aims to provide material and moral support to our sisters and brothers behind the walls, we are acutely aware of the degraded situation of not only our prison systems, but of the entire criminal justice system. We see the effects daily in the families we work with, in the stories we receive from inside, and the legal defense work we do to try and keep people out. Most of all, however, we see the growing determination and unity radiating from behind the bars, as the corrupt system forces a response. It is this determination and unity in which we find our inspiration.

The prisoners engaging in this work strike are knowingly placing not only what little freedom they have at risk, they are indeed, placing their very lives at risk. They will undoubtedly face reprisals – and these in facilities already known for violence. It is vitally important that support from the outside is strong, and eyes are kept on conditions. Many of our supporters have been doing similar work to what is needed – from recording and d0xing brutal police in the days of Occupy, to post card campaigns and phone blitzes for Jeremy and others post-snitch. The fact is that, you our supporters, are our greatest asset. It is our sincerest hope that by endorsing this call, we inspire you to take action to support these courageous people.

United as 1, Divided by 0 might be old and cliche, but it’s also a scoreboard.¬†United we can, have, and will continue to win, divided we can, have, and will continue to fail.

Join us in another victory against the for-profit prison system and for human rights

Here’s how to get started:

Read this: Support Prisoner Resistance

Sign the Petition: Solidarity Movement Petition

Read & Endorse the Call: Please Read And Endorse The Call

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