Call to Action: Matt DeHart Letter Writing Campaign

February 16, 2016 by Freeanons

Call to Action: Matt DeHart Letter Writing Campaign

Imprisoned anon and whistle-blower Matt DeHart’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for February 22, 2016.

This is a Call to Action!
Freeanons needs you to take a minute out of your day to show Matt DeHart he is not only not forgotten, he is loved and supported. Matt has not been receiving mail and we need to change that immediately!

Pause to appreciate all the freedoms you have at this very moment: the ability to be reading this post on your phone or computer, being able to look around at whatever scenery you have around you (whether it be trees, snow, or the beach outside your window; stuck in traffic; or a cubicle that you’ll be able to leave in a few hours), grabbing a snack, having access to proper nutrition, clean underwear, ongoing connectivity to your friends and family.

All Matt has right now are his thoughts and fears about what next week’s sentence will bring, his parents, some books – and us.

You will make a tremendous difference in Matt’s day, simply by sending him a message of support online. It takes less time than it would for you to leave a comment or share a facebook post (no registration required!).

Send your message of support for Matt DeHart now

Matt has been in US Federal Custody since March 15, 2015, when he was deported back the US after Canada denied his request for asylum for himself and his family. He has been subjected to torture and is currently living in abhorrent conditions in the Bowling Green, Kentucky jail as he awaits his sentence, as described by his mother:

He is residing in what he calls the “dungeon.” It’s the basement of the jail with no windows with 10 other men. There are bunks and mattresses on the floor. The food amount is small and most times unidentifiable. Matt shares his commissary purchased soups, tuna and whatever protein he can find with some of the guys who are hungry. The lack of vitamin C is a real concern, but he found some vitamins on commissary to help.

Matt was given a “choice” between a plea deal or risking a 40 to 70 year prison sentence. After being subjected to torture by his own government and given the high conviction rate of federal trials, Matt opted to plead guilty to a heinous crime he did not commit.

This request has a special urgency – it isn’t just about showing we support a fellow anon’s actions; it’s to hopefully give Matt a little hope and feel a sense of connection. He is already prone to depression (his father has raised concerns regarding Matt having a “very similar psychological makeup” to Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide while under federal indictment for data-theft), and this is obviously an incredibly bleak time for him.  We need Matt to see he is not his sentence and to know that people recognize him for the person that he is.

There is another reason writing to Matt is so important. As mentioned, we have been told that Matt has not received much mail lately. This does not mean no one is sending mail; it means that Matt is not receiving letters people may be writing him. By uniting together to send Matt mail and sharing the number of letters we’ve sent, we can help demonstrate that Matt’s case, his support, and his treatment are in the public eye.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Send Matt DeHart a message to show we care.