List of Anonymous Solidarity Resources
Updated 4 – 6 – 2012
Compiled by waratahnon for Anonymous Solidarity Network (
Greetz to XCPhrX, @freeanonsnow, all our Political Prisoners & persecuted cyber protesters.

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I. Purpose & Use
This list has been compiled to provide a comprehensive list of resources online claiming to provide solidarity activity with imprisoned or persecuted Anonymous activists. We have not researched any particular group or individual making these claims, and do not necessarily endorse them or their beliefs in any area outside of supporting imprisoned or persecuted Anonymous activists. It is intended for use as starting point for the public, media, and Anonymous supporters in educating themselves regarding the persecution of Anonymous activists. Sites on private networks such as Tor and Freenet are not indexed, as such networks are not yet in wide public use.

II. Structure
The list is divided into the following categories:
a. General Information Websites
b. Anon Specific

III. Content
Each category contains entries of websites, social media, and miscellaneous pages (Twibbons, active petitions, etc.)
Media coverage of cases can be found under the “Persecution” tab on

IV. The List

General Free Anon Sites
Anonymous Solidarity Network
Legal fundraising website

#OpFreeAnons Announcement
Video release

French Anonymous Solidarity Net
Campaign Site

Anon Legal Resources
Nat’l Lawyer’s Guild Outreach

Free Jeremy Hammond

Free Jeremy Hammond
Campaign Site

Free Chelsea Manning
Free Chelsea!
Prisoner Support Site

Chelsea Manning Support Network
Campaign Site

Free Chelsea Manning Twibbon Campaign
Social Media Campaign

Free Julian Assange
Free Assange!
Campaign Site

Free Assange
News-oriented Community Site

Julian Assange Rape Case
News translated from Swedish

Free Assange Twibbon
Social Media Campaign