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Operation PenPal – Our brothers and sisters have been taken away from us. Some of the best and brightest of our generation are locked away from the world in an effort to silence them and make us forget. But we are Legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget. We leave no one behind.

Our comrades are accused of working to make government transparent and accountable to the people. They are accused of setting information free. They are accused of opposing war and crimes committed under its banner. They are accused of disrupting financial institutions that have themselves disrupted and ruined the lives of millions.

We do not believe these actions or the people being charged for them are dangerous. The acts that they are accused of can at worst be called civil disobedience and whistle blowing. Yet the government has already decided they are guilty, holding some for years without a trial.

We now launch #OpPenPal as an ongoing action in support of Anons and other activists navigating the nightmare of the “justice” system. Anyone can join this operation – find a pen, some paper, and a stamp. We may be from the Internet, but we are backward compatible. Let a political prisoner know they are not forgotten.

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  • Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
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    The Anonymous Solidarity Network: FreeAnons in the UK!
    We will not forget Ashley Rhodes (Elite), Christopher Weatherhead (Nerdo), Jack Davis (Topiary), Ryan Ackroyd (Kayla) and all arrested Anons in United Kingdom and around the world.

    The Anonymous Solidarity Network exists to provide legal, financial and moral support for activists facing prosecution for involvement, alleged or otherwise, in Anonymous actions. The use of information networks to perform community acts of protest is neither a crime nor an act of conspiracy and should not be prosecuted as such. We believe that information is power and that the power should always belong to the People. We dedicate ourselves and our resources to helping activists combat injustices of law arising from the fight for freedom of information and positive social change.

    In cooperation with information and cyber-activists, legal advisors, and the People, the Anonymous Solidarity Network acts to advance the cause of Anonymous through organizing public awareness programs, campaigning charitable efforts and providing legal assistance. Inspired to action by the unjust prosecution of our friends and family, the Anonymous Solidarity Network strives tirelessly to implement the critical initiatives required to advance, commemorate and preserve the activism of Anonymous and the cause of freeing Anonymous activists from unjust prosecution.

    The storm has yet to pass and what ships remain out at sea are desperately seeking refuge from the relentless waves of prosecution but there is one ship sailing towards, not away from, these troubled waters. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network. We are a collective of Anons and the friends and family of Anons facing prosecution for alleged involvement in Anonymous activities. Our ranks are not exclusive and we have no leaders. Any can join us and all are welcome to contribute to our direction. For us to continue our voyage, however, we need your support. We need you to board our ship and to set sail with us.

    Mail to the jail is a support effort for arrested Anons, hactivists, and activists that can provide a forum to organize letter writing campaign’s for those charged and jailed worldwide. It was organized by Hammond Support Network for Jeremy Hammond, and has been expanded by them and The Anonymous Solidarity Network (Freeanons), to include all those in need of support.

    It builds on the great efforts of operation valentine (#opvalentine) and operation penpal (#oppenpal), which greatly encouraged these political targets and prisoners. No one should have to sit. Isolated when they are being punished by the government for following their conscience.

    So until we free them all, lets show them we never forget.

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  • Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
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    The Anonymous Solidarity Network support all arrested Anons around The Wolrd. We will not forget until every Anon is free!

    – Hello world !
    – We are Anonymous.
    – We are legion.
    – We do not forgive.
    – We do not forget.
    – Expect us.

    This is the Anonymous credo. These are the words that have been spoken by all of those who count themselves amongst our ranks and immortalised by all of those who have and continue to contribute to our cause.

    – We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network.
    – We will attest to the Anonymous creed,
    – We will not forgive.
    – We will not forget until every Anon is free!

    We are inspired to action by the prosecution of our friends and family. Our friends and family, Anons prosecuted for having taken actions we believe are legitimate acts of protest against an unjust and corrupt state.

    Actions that in many instances have benefited the people.
    Actions that often hurt no one. We contribute because we care.

    We are FreeAnons because we believe that the greatest contribution that we can make to the collective are those that contribute to the cause of our fallen brothers and sisters.

    Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
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    Southwark Crown Court in London has handed down an 18 month and a 7 month sentence for Christopher Weatherhead and Ashley Rhodes, respectively, for their role in hacktivist attacks documented, here. The most recent news on the sentence, here. FreeAnons condemns the sentence of Nerdo as needlessly harsh and excessive. At trial, he testified that he was involved in Anonymous communications, and was an observer, and not a participant, in any PayPal attacks. His sentence is a direct attack on free speech and association.

    The trial heard that Weatherhead spent up to 10 hours a day online and dreamed of working for Amazon or Google. He refused to admit that he had been part of the actual attacks, claiming to have been the communications manager for Anonymous and the creator of online chatrooms where the attacks were planned.

    Weatherhead told the court he was an observer in October 2010 while others carried out their attack on the website of the Ministry of Sound, causing £9,000 damage.

    Neil Corre, defending, asked him: “Were there times when you were observing attacks while they were happening?”

    “Yes,” said Weatherhead, “I was quite interested. I did not believe that what was being discussed was actually possible.”