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Welcome Home Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown is free!  Finally, and upon release our friend wasted no time making his way to the nearest McDonald’s to take in the (apparently) missed delight of a greasy breakfast. More than 4 years of questionable confinement for a crime you didn’t commit, and being convicted of multiple, seemingly made-up-on-the-spot charges, can make a fella hungry. Barrett was released, early and with conditions, after serving much of his nearly 5 year sentence in Three Rivers federal correctional institution in San Antonio with good behavior. Freeanons and all of AnonOps would like to extend our support, as well as the finest chefs The Internet Hate Machine can manage to our friend.

Consequently, we’d also like to remind our readers and supporters of the near $900,000 dollar restitution Barrett is ordered to pay. The required $200.00 monthly installments are to Stratfor, the intelligence firm he accused of significant corruption during his #ProjectPM investigation. You can read more about it at 

For those who aren’t aware, Barrett was arrested in 2012, following a raid executed on his Mother’s home.  One of his convictions (Interference of a search warrant) stemmed from this raid when he attempted to hide a laptop in a kitchen cupboard, from authorities. 11 other charges were included in his subsequent indictment, the most ridiculous involving his copying a link from one public channel to another on AnonOps IRC. The link contained the credit card data of a massive cyber-attack upon Stratfor, an attack Barrett had nothing to do with, but is nonetheless being held financially accountable for.  In the end, Barrett bowed his head and took one for the team, quite literally when he plead guilty to the previously mentioned charge, as well as transmitting a threat in interstate commerce, and being an accessory after the fact in the unauthorized access to a protected computer.

 The now released, award winning, McMuffin lovin’ journalist managed to keep himself (and the rest of us) well entertained during his incarceration. You can find his full commentary at the following link, where his musings were published via The Intercept:

To assist in Barrett’s legal fees and outrageous restitution, please visit:  All contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Welcome home, Barrett. We hope you’re enjoying #BathtubsForBarrett as much as we are!


“We are Freeanons and we will not rest until all anons are free”

We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget.

Have We Forgotten Them?

Since 2011, Freeanons has seen the arrest and unrealistic persecution of so many anons fighting for what they believe in.  When realizing the names of so many strong minded people being persecuted for their beliefs, it it literally overwhelming to us.  This list barely scratches the surface of worldwide arrests but we would like to give you even a small glimpse of the cases we have worked with over the 4  last years.  Your help is desperately needed to assist us in ensuring that these freedom fighters are never forgotten, ignored and that their causes remain our causes.  Take a small glimpse into our world or have you forgotten them?

Aken:  Green Rights activist and loved throughout the Anonymous community arrested in May, 2015,  is presently on house arrest with no access to friends or family outside of the home.  He faces decades in prison in his home country of Italy.

Otherwise:  A much loved activist residing and arrested in Italy in May, 2015 also threatened with decades in prison and spending time in isolation on house arrest.  These two men are deeply loved by many and have the full support of their comrades at Anonymous Italy.

3 French Anonymous related arrests:  Ercun, Seamymsg and Boby all accused of suspected attacks on institutional websites including the Ministry of Defense and all are facing up to ten years in prison in addition to 150,000 euros in fines.  We have yet to receive a final outcome on all 3 cases.

Adam Bennett aka Lorax:  Arrested on May 17, 2014 in Australia and currently awaiting trial while being restricted from the internet.  Lorax was a host of Radio Anonops always speaking truth to power.

Mathew Hutchison aka Rax:  Arrested in May, 2014 for the making of a YouTube video.  He is required to serve community service and be under the watchful eye of the Australian Government until such time he is released from oversight.

Justin Michael Soyke aka Absantos:  Also arrested in Australia and currently serving a 3 year prison sentence with release following 12 months and the completion of his sentence on supervised release status.

Stanley Cohen Attorney/Activist standing up for the rights of all:  Ultimately jailed for one year for interference with the IRS (we still have no idea what that implies) sentenced to one year in prison to be released on December 15, 2015.  Welcome Home Stanley!!!

Fidel Salinas:  was arrested in October, 2013 and ultimately sentenced to 6 months in prison and $10,600.00 in fines after his arrest.  He was represented by Tor Ekeland who was able to reduce the 440 year sentenced Salinas was threatened with.  Salinas continues to stand by his report that the FBI arrested him after he refused to provide assistance to the FBI.  According to Tor Ekeland Fundamentally this represents the FBI trying to recruit by indictment,” Ekeland recently said. “The message was clear: If he had agreed to help them, they would have dropped the charges in a second.”

Lauri Love:  First arrested on October 28, 2013, is an outstanding activist and friend to many is currently facing extradition to the U.S. from England, a fate that could prove to be life in prison.  Lauri is charged with breaching multiple U.S. government computers.  He is in dire need of support worldwide to prevent extradition to the U.S.  Lauri is also a beneficiary of the Courage Foundation:  Lauri Love Courage Foundation

Jonathan Cowden:  Arrested and served 13 months and 2 days in prison in May, 2013 for hacking into Israeli websites in support of Palestine.  Since his release from prison, he has been placed in such severe restrictions that locating employment has become nearly impossible.  Due to a violation of probation (possession of a pocket knife and a tablet computer)  Jon was transported from a loving home with his very supportive girflfriend in California to Missouri where he is currently being housed.  The sad fact of this case is that Jon served his initial sentence out of the watchful eyes of Anonymous and without the moral support needed to carry him through.  We cannot allow this same error to occur while he remains incarcerated at the time of this writing.  You can find his address on our letter writing event post.

John Anthony Borell aka @ItsKahuna:  Also a member of the CabinCr3w and arrested on hacking charges while facing ten years in prison.  He signed a plea agreement on April 15, 2013 resulting in 36 months in prison and $230,000.00 in restitution.  He has been released from prison but will be burdened with unrealistic restitution for the rest of his life.

Higinio Ochoa aka W0rmer:  Member of the CabinCr3w accused hacker and supporter of the Occupy Movement, W0rmer was arrested on March 20, 2012 and charged with hacking various government websites.  He accepted a non-cooperating plea deal and was released on August 14, 2014 and was returned to the loving arms of his wife and infant son.  He continues to be required to pay nearly $14,000.00 in restitution.  He was banned from internet access for nearly one year following his release from prison, making caring for his family nearly impossible. Hig remains a great speaker and presently has a blog talk radio show with access to the internet reinstated.

Matt Dehart:  A search warrant was issued on the home of Matt Dehart on January 2, 2012 and was executed on January 25.  After applying for a student Visa to travel to Canada, Matt was arrested and detained at the Canadian border and taken into custody by the FBI.  Matt’s home was searched for suspected child porn but in reality, charges of espionage were being investigated against him. During his time of incarceration, Matt reports being drugged and abused.   He filed for asylum in 2013 to enter Canada.  Ultimately he was deported from Canada and back to the U.S. where he was promptly arrested and has been jailed since this date of March 1, 2015.  On November 13th 2015 he pled guilty to having explicit photos of under aged teenagers and for fleeing from his trial in a Tennessee court, accepting a seven and a half year sentence in the process and avoiding a possible 70 year sentence. The Courage Foundation claims DeHart was “cornered” into making the deal and that the government agreed to the plea to “prevent a drawn-out trial in which Matt’s political activity, the files he unearthed and the treatment he endured could come to light”.  Matt’s fate remains completely unknown at the time of this writing.

Matt DeHart Courage Foundation

Barrett Brown, Journalist and founder of Project PM:  Arrested on September 12, 2012 and sentenced to 63 months in prison for sharing a link and ordered to pay more than $900,000 in restitution to Stratfor, the spy firm exposed by Hammond.  Scheduled for release on May 25, 2017.

Barrett Brown Courage Foundation

Lulzcart:  A Romanian hacktivist  arrested and charged with 11 other defendants  with hacking multiple  government websites in 2012.  He was jailed for two months as he awaited trial and reported literally horrific conditions in prison.  He was ultimately given 3 years  suspended sentence and 6 years probation.

Reynaldo Rivera aka Neuron:  Affiliated with LulzSec  was arrested on August 29, 2012 and charged with the hack of Sony.  His plea deal included 366 days in prison, 13 months house arrest, 1,000 hours of community service restitution in the amount of $605,666.00.  Court documents state Hector Monsegur aka Sabu was an informant in The case against Neuron and multiple other members of LulzSec.

Cody Krestinger aka Recursion:  Affiliated with LulzSec was arrested  on September 22, 2011 and charged and  with the hack of Sony received 366 days in prison, 13 months house arrest, 1,000 hours of community service and restitution in the amount of $605,666.00.  It is stated in court documents that Hector Monsegur aka Sabu was also an informant in this case.

Christopher Weatherhead aka Nerdo:  Affiliated with Operation Payback, arrested and jailed in the UK and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Ashley Rhodes aka Nikon Elite:  Affiliated with Operation Payback, arrested and jailed in the UK and sentenced to 7 months in prison.

Peter Gibson age 24:  Affiliated with Operation Payback and given a 24 month suspended sentence.

Jake Birchall aka Fennic: age 16 at the time of his arrest in the UK:  Affiliated with Operation Payback sentenced to community service due to his age.

Jeremy Hammond aka Anarchaos and member of Antisec:  Sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the hack of Stratfor.  Eligible for Parole, as of the time of this writing, 2/22/2021.

Jeremy Hammond Courage Foundation

Ryan Ackroyd aka Kayla and member of Lulzsec:  Served a 30 month sentence in England

Mustafa Al-Bassam aka T Flow and member of Lulzsec:  Received a 20 months suspended sentence and required to serve 500 hours of unpaid community service.

Jake Davis aka Topiary and member of Lulzsec:  Sentenced to 24 months in a Youth Offenders Institute.  He ultimately served 38 days and underwent electronic monitoring for 21 months.

PayPal14:  A strong group of activists arrested for a DDos attack on Paypal.  All were charged in 2011 and underwent years of court proceedings and upheaval of their lives throughout their case.  Attorney Stanley Cohen represented one of the PayPal defendants but was a strong voice in support of the actions of this dedicated group who believed their actions should be viewed as a form of protest.  Ultimately they were given various sentences and ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars in restitution to PayPal.

Payback13:  A group of activists who took part in Operation Payback and arrested in the U.S. and charged in connection with the targeting the websites of entities committed to protecting copyrighted material.  All pleaded not guilty but ultimately accepted varying plea deals.  Contrary to some speculation, since these individuals were not known to each other, the accusation of snitching is a false accusation and should be ignored.

Dennis Collins aka Owen:  Defendant in both the PayPal14 and Payback13 cases fought viciously not only for himself but in the best interest of his co-defendants.  He lost his battle with a chronic and incurable illness on July 16, 2015, giving his life for a cause he believed in.  RIP Dear Owen.  You are so dearly missed by many.

Eric Rosol:  Eric was arrested and charged in relation to #opWisconsin which resulted in a shutdown of Koch Industry Websites  on February 27 and 28, 2011 was sentenced to 2 years Federal Probation and $183,000.00 fine.  He was facing 5 years in prison and $250,000.00 in fines.

Aaron Swartz:  (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer and Internet hacktivist. He was involved in the development of the web feed format  RSS and the Markdown publishing format, the organization Creative Commons, the website framework and the social news site, Reddit, in which he became a partner after its merger with his company, Infogami. He was arrested on January 6, 2011 and  committed suicide while under federal indictment for data-theft, a prosecution that was characterized by his family as being “the product of a criminal-justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach”.

Freeanons Holiday Writing Event

Freeanons Letter Writing Campaign to incarcerated Anons and Whistleblowers

Jeremy Hammond, Matt Dehart, Barrett Brown, Aken, Otherwise, Timothy Justin French, Adam Bennett, Absantos, Jon Cowden, Jeffrey Sterling and our 3 arrested anons in France:  These folks are either in prison, heading to prison or on house arrest which may appear better than prison but not by much when you are forced into isolation by the courts and not permitted any interaction with even a friend or someone outside of the home.

Prisoners feel especially isolated during the holiday season when families visit and cards are received.  We do not intend to allow that to happen to our Anons and we are in need of help from each of you to make this a better holiday season for our Anons.  We will not forget them and we will fight for them until all are free from persecution.  While we cannot send cards to the ones who are not in prison, we can send them love via twitter or other means.  We would ask each of you to think of our jailed Anons while you write your holiday cards and letters and grab a card or write an extra letter this year. If you put up a Christmas tree, perhaps you can add an ornament for them and tell them about it in a card or letter.   Below you will find the names and addresses to make this process an easy one.  In order to ensure that each card is received, a return address (any return address) should be placed on the envelope.  Please don’t let these brave men feel any more alone than they already do.  They have sacrificed their freedoms.  Won’t you please give them a little of your time? They are our responsibility until they are returned home to the ones that love them.  We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate.  PLEASE NOTE:  No glitter, nudes or perfume on your cards and letters or they will not be delivered. With love to all from Freeanons.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

Matthew Paul Dehart #164682
Warren County Regional Jail
920 Kentucky Street
Bowling Green, KY  42101


Barrett Brown #45047-177
FCI Three Rivers
PO Box 4200
Three Rivers, TX  78071


Wish List Link:  Barrett Brown Book Wishlist

Jeremy Hammond #18729-424
FCI Manchester
PO Box 4000
Manchester, KY  40962


Wish List:  Jeremy Hammond Book Wishlist

Jason Hammond #M50190
Po Box 500
Vandalia, IL 62471

Wish List:  Jason Hammond Wish List

Timothy Justen French #47606-074
MCC Chicago
Metropolitan Correctional Center
71 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL  60605

Jeffrey Sterling #38338-044
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123


To send messages for Aken and Otherwise, please reach out to us @Freeanons and we will make that happen for you.

Our 2012 1120 tax form was filed on September 15, 2013. We had an extension within which to file. The following are our sworn figures to the IRS. These figures are taken directly from our 2012 1120, and declared under penalty of perjury as true to the IRS, and if they are incorrect, could incur prosecution: 2012 Gross receipts or sales: $5868.13 This represents all income, from any source, including donations, cds, and income from MyAnonStore.

Compensation of officers or salaries and wages: 00.00. We have never paid any salaries, wages or compensation to any person. No person is compensated for their work with us.

Deductions and expenses: Our deductions and expenses include the following: Wepay fees. bank fees, money transfer fees, and hosting costs. We do not pay taxes on deductions. We keep all receipts to show exactly how much was spent on these fees.

Taxes filed with the IRS 1120 totaled $420.00 thus far in 2012. This figure may increase if we decide we need to pay more tax, or decrease if the IRS determines we have overpaid.

Total Donations made in 2012: $4960.00. We keep full records of every donation made. Each donation can be proved by cancelled check, money order or wire transfer made in the arrested person’s name, or that of their designated representative. While we are obligated to keep confidentiality, some of the Anons who have publicly acknowledged donations from us include: Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Higinio Ochoa, John Borell, Vincent Kershaw, Gabriel Baleasa, Josh Covelli, and the travel fund for PayPal14, which was maintained by their supporters. If more supporters mention us publicly, we will publish their names.

Our income figures for 2013 will be filed when due, and those figures published here as well.

As of January 2014, we will be restructuring Freeanons. We will publish more information on this in the coming days.

Our intentions have been examined and speculated for as long as we have existed. Ill will has been found in even the best of our intentions and exploited by those whom seek to distract others from our cause. This message is a response to a recent and unfortunate effort to discredit and disrupt our course. What those that orchestrate this campaign fail to realize is that, though they can deter a few from contributing, they can never silence or stop us from continuing our efforts.

We, a few, have bleed and cried to continue this cause and we will not be deterred. We will not be deterred by the prosecution and incarceration of our brothers and sisters. We will not be deterred by the psych ops of the governing fractions and their private contractors. We, least of all, will not be deterred by trolls.

To Nancy Norelli, never once did you have to burden this cause but you took it upon yourself and we will never have the words to thank you for it. To Sue Crabtree, your greatest contribution is that which is most often used to hurt you. They mockingly call you the mother of Anonymous. Sue, Anonymous has known no greater source of comfort than you. You have encouraged us when no one else would. You have taken us in when we had no place else to go. No matter what more you believe that you could have done or what else is left to do, you’ve done good.

They want us to define ourselves? Let me define FreeAnons. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network and we’ve seen the arrest of dozens of our friends and family. We’ve fallen. We’ve lost sleep. We’ve searched aimlessly for hope. We’ve given up and tried all over again. We’re still here and we’ve been here for more than 2 years and if you want us to justify or define ourselves then you can suck my dick. Signed, with all due respect, The Jolly Anon; Wally Wetcircle. P.S. Please file all complaints with Anonops. I am sure that they will treat your concerns with respect.