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Christopher Weatherhead played an integral role in Anonymous's cyber-attacks

Christopher Weatherhead has been moved to a new facility, and his new contact information is as follows:

1) To write a letter to Chris you need to:

(a) include your name and address in the letter.
(b) address the envelope to

Christopher Weatherhead A7757CV
HMP Brixton
Jebb Avenue
Brixton London SW2 5XF

2) To e-mail Chris. The e-mail service is provided by a private firm sanctioned by the Home Office. Their web address is and they charge 30p per e-mail. To be able to send an e-mail to Chris one needs first to register with and then “buy” credit for future e-mails. The minimum amount of credit is £5 and of course there is no refund of any unused credit. The website is very informative but be aware that there are restrictions on the message being sent. The maximum number of characters is 2500 contained within 50 lines. Images of any sort are not allowed.

Register with and buy credit from them to set up your registration to send e-mails to Chris (number A7757CV) at Brixton.

The issues behind Nerdo’s case are summarized best by this statement from the Anonops Staff, here:

Freedom is our right. Anonymity is an extension of that basic human right. Calling attention to injustice is paramount in maintaining that freedom so many have fought to obtain for us all. We understand that law enforcement personnel want to have the easiest jobs in the world where computers and surveillance cameras track everyone’s movements and statisticians reduce us to behavioral algorithms so they can define us as criminals It is not true freedom if it requires us to fatten the stomachs and wallets of the 1% who see the citizenry as a mass of potential criminals. People who object to being turned into chattel are not arrogant, impudent or churlish– their “youthful idealism” is sorely lacking in a world bereft of principles and where the concept of “morality” has been reduced to “do not embarrass the State.”

Nerdo was crucified because the government needed to do something to show the public that they were still in control, that they could stop this online monster known as Anonymous. We know that this is not the case. Governments around the world are failing their citizens in various ways including the basic right of a fair trial by ones peers. They fail to protect their citizens from the real criminals: themselves. It is you who have forced us to protect ourselves from the real danger to freedom. If you need to put a face to those criminals, look into a mirror.


Southwark Crown Court in London has handed down an 18 month and a 7 month sentence for Christopher Weatherhead and Ashley Rhodes, respectively, for their role in hacktivist attacks documented, here. The most recent news on the sentence, here. FreeAnons condemns the sentence of Nerdo as needlessly harsh and excessive. At trial, he testified that he was involved in Anonymous communications, and was an observer, and not a participant, in any PayPal attacks. His sentence is a direct attack on free speech and association.

The trial heard that Weatherhead spent up to 10 hours a day online and dreamed of working for Amazon or Google. He refused to admit that he had been part of the actual attacks, claiming to have been the communications manager for Anonymous and the creator of online chatrooms where the attacks were planned.

Weatherhead told the court he was an observer in October 2010 while others carried out their attack on the website of the Ministry of Sound, causing £9,000 damage.

Neil Corre, defending, asked him: “Were there times when you were observing attacks while they were happening?”

“Yes,” said Weatherhead, “I was quite interested. I did not believe that what was being discussed was actually possible.”

Christopher Weatherhead played an integral role in Anonymous's cyber-attacks

Christopher Weatherhead, 22, who used the name Nerdo on the internet, was described as a leading player in the “distributed denial of service” attacks. He worked with fellow Anonymous members Peter Gibson, 24, Ashley Rhodes, 28, and Jake Birchall, 18, to bring down websites by flooding them with messages and requests under the banner “Operation Payback”. Sentencing for Weatherhead in Paypal 14 case begins at 2:00 pm at Southwark Crown Court on the 24th January. We will come with updates as soon as the court hearing finishes.


The date for Jeremy Hammond’s court hearing and rally have been delayed a day to November 20, 2012.

Jeremy Hammond, a 27-year old Chicago native, was arrested by the FBI on March 5, 2012. Hammond is accused of taking part in the compromise of Strategic Forecasting, Inc (aka “Stratfor”) computer systems, and providing information to Wikileaks. This information, released by Wikileaks under the name “The Global Intelligence Files,” revealed even further corruption within the U.S. intelligence community- including plans to target and infiltrate domestic popular movements such as Occupy.

We are happy to announce that due to the postponement of Jeremy’s hearing until Tuesday the 20th, Jeremy’s “other mother”, Sue Crabtree, the heart & soul of the Jeremy Hammond Support Network will be available Monday for interviews & to discuss Jeremy’s support network. While we have no doubt that the court’s last minute postponement of Jeremy’s bail hearing is an attempt to quell his growing support we thank the Court for the opportunity to build even wider support for Jeremy. We intend to demonstrate that such attempts to cause hardship on Jeremy’s family, friends, and supporters will prove a failure.

#Freeanons would like to note that this is 2nd Anonymous court case, both scheduled for appearance next week, to be subjected to unexpected and unexplained delay. Please see here for an update on the Christopher Weatherhead trial.