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Activist, musician, DJ, producer, and steadfast supporter of FreeAnons – Ivan Munoz has announced an upcoming tour in which he will raise awareness about issues surrounding whisteblowers and hacktivists. Here’s his background:

Since 2005 I have been making music and touring the world with talented musicians playing hard electronic music in an attempt to shake people’s conscience about the problems we face in our world.

Mixing elements of electronics music and metal I have been able to create a very powerful mix that allowed me to share the stage and collaborate with many of my favorite musical heroes like Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy, Clawfinger, Ministry, Die Krupps and many more.

Last year I started work on my new album “Turning Point” and I was very concerned about the government persecution of whistleblowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden as well as hacktivists like Julian Assange and Jeremy Hammond.

That’s why I decided to donate the song “It’s Our Time” to collect funds for the people from Anonymous in jail. (For more information please visit #opourtime)

I also donated another version of this song to the compilation Defcon 21 (Buy it here!) to collect funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the few organizations that protects internet freedom around the world. (For more information please visit

He’s launched a crowdfunding campaign to take action to the next level and start a new tour, #Opourtime 2014, with Vigilante to promote his last single “It’s Our time” and to spread awareness about the Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and FreeAnons cases. You can follow him on twitter @vigilanteband. You can also follow @SaveManning , @JulianAssange and @freeanons to support his effort. We offer him our sincere thanks and appreciation for, once again, thinking of us and going the distance for FreeAnons.

Upcoming Tour dates:

Our intentions have been examined and speculated for as long as we have existed. Ill will has been found in even the best of our intentions and exploited by those whom seek to distract others from our cause. This message is a response to a recent and unfortunate effort to discredit and disrupt our course. What those that orchestrate this campaign fail to realize is that, though they can deter a few from contributing, they can never silence or stop us from continuing our efforts.

We, a few, have bleed and cried to continue this cause and we will not be deterred. We will not be deterred by the prosecution and incarceration of our brothers and sisters. We will not be deterred by the psych ops of the governing fractions and their private contractors. We, least of all, will not be deterred by trolls.

To Nancy Norelli, never once did you have to burden this cause but you took it upon yourself and we will never have the words to thank you for it. To Sue Crabtree, your greatest contribution is that which is most often used to hurt you. They mockingly call you the mother of Anonymous. Sue, Anonymous has known no greater source of comfort than you. You have encouraged us when no one else would. You have taken us in when we had no place else to go. No matter what more you believe that you could have done or what else is left to do, you’ve done good.

They want us to define ourselves? Let me define FreeAnons. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network and we’ve seen the arrest of dozens of our friends and family. We’ve fallen. We’ve lost sleep. We’ve searched aimlessly for hope. We’ve given up and tried all over again. We’re still here and we’ve been here for more than 2 years and if you want us to justify or define ourselves then you can suck my dick. Signed, with all due respect, The Jolly Anon; Wally Wetcircle. P.S. Please file all complaints with Anonops. I am sure that they will treat your concerns with respect.

13 people that are alleged to be aligned with the Anonymous collective were indicted on October 3, 2013, out of the Eastern District of Virginia. They are charged with conspiracy in connection with Operation Payback. One of the defendants, Dennis Owen Collins, has been charged previously, in connection with Paypal 14. The burden on him must be unimaginable. These people are going to need a lot of support, both moral and financial. We urge people to hold donations to until we can establish whether the defendants will set up funds for themselves. It is better to donate directly to their funds, if so. If any of the defendants or their supporters have questions on how to establish a fund, they may call us directly, and we will be happy to advise them. Once we see which funds are available, we will work with those people to promote them to the best of our ability. If you see a fund that needs promotion, know of a defendant in need, or can help in any capacity, please call or join us at #freeanons.

For some initial news on the case, see here. There is a link to the indictment, as well.

We want to thank all of the people who immediately contacted us and offered their support upon news of the indictment, some of whom are defendants in other cases, and who have seen their lives completely overturned by the U.S. government. Freeanons is constantly amazed at the generosity that is displayed toward us by donations, goodwill, and resources like Anonops IRC, @AnonymousVideo and My Anonstore. The support from Alec Empire, Shower With Goats, Vigilante, among other artists, has been invaluable. It has been two years since Freeanons’ inception. Thanks to all who have come forward, sometimes at great risk to themselves. Let’s do our best to provide support one more time for these people newly charged.

Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
>> download document here

On September 18th of 2013, Google targeted an Anonymous affiliate and an extension of the Anonymous Solidarity Network. AnonymousFrancophone, the product of @AnonymousVideo and FreeAnons, was purged from YouTube. The account was terminated; The followers, comments and content were all removed. Not only removed but removed without explanation except for that which was posted to our YouTube channel; “This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and / or claims of copyright infringement.”

As a collective we have grown accustom to and weary from such blatant censorship but never is it without regret or remorse. We have been censored but we will not be silenced! We are FreeAnons and we will freely express ourselves and share our message. Take away our YouTube channels, our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and the people will find our message engraved in the walls of prisons, on the steps of court houses and in the form of fliers at every rest stop on every highway and interstate we have ever traveled and every rally we have ever attended.

It will take more than a snitch to sink our ships and it will take more than the loss of a YouTube channel to deter our course. Our videos are mirrored by the dozen on YouTube. Our presence on the web is not established but deeply rooted. The Anonymous Solidarity Network will perish when Anonymous perishes, Anonymous will perish when the Internet perishes and the Internet will never perish! We are not a fan of Feds but we like to think that they can at least count and trust that they will do the math themselves.

Our message can be found still on YouTube, on private domains and on all social media but officially we have relocated our media efforts to Vimeo. AnonymousVideo, an Anonymous Solidarity Network affiliate, can be found at its new home When Vimeo falls we will relocate to Google Video and when Google again betrays us we will relocate to LiveLeak and when LiveLeak is consumed by government we will create our own media platform. They have taken from us our message but they will never take our voice.

Our message is preserved by video, letter, cry, poem and song. Our videos are viral. Our letters are written to the imprisoned with absolute absence of fear. Our cries penetrate the walls confining our comrades. Our creed will live and is a poem that will forever be repeated by the oppressed. Together, we and those that stand with us will sing, “Bella ciao!” We sing and that we sing commemorates our cause and carries our message further than written word or any video published to YouTube ever could.

There continues to be arrests. Our support effort does little to deter the state’s prosecution of our comrades. Our words are marked by frustration. Our rhetoric is arrogant but no more arrogant than the state’s prosecution of our brothers and sisters. What is there to say in the face of such blatant injustice? What left is there for us to say to rally the strength even within ourselves to continue on such an unfortunate voyage? The Anonymous creed?

No. We are not Anonymous. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network and we have our own creed. “We will not forgive and we will not forget until every Anon is free!” Even this is not enough. We set sail towards troubled waters and we lose each other and ourselves in the storm. Fear disturbs our rest and doubt disrupts our direction like fog across a sea. We look towards our compass.

Our prosecuted friends and family and the ideas for which they are being prosecuted for, this is our compass. No matter the greatness of our endeavor. No matter the depth of our despair. No matter the length of our struggle. No matter whether we must stand alone. We will fight! We will see this storm through to its end and we will greet the peaceful skies as an ally. We will never forget the many Anons prosecuted and imprisoned.

We have hoisted our flags to half mast. The cause of prosecuted Anons steers our ships as a compass through an unforgiving and unfortunate sea. We may lose faith in ourselves and in each other but we will never lose faith in this cause. If it is fear that disturbs our rest than it is fear that carries us through the many sleepless nights. If it is doubt that disrupts our direction than it is doubt that returns us to our true course. We are FreeAnons. Expect us.