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Anonymous Activists Arrested In Florida

On Friday, May 20, twelve Anonymous affiliated activists were arrested for trespassing, while protesting the senseless killing of Corey Jones by police in Palm Beach Gardens on October 8.  In addition to the arrest of peaceful protesters, 2 journalists were also arrested.  This protest was part of  #OpAronberg, a highly supported Op which, again, points out the killing of innocent individuals.  The collective has asked that the officer involved in this shooting be charged with murder rather than sending the case to the grand jury which is essentially run by the state prosecutor.

A group of protesters took their request to the courthouse in Palm Beach County and then made their way to the condo of state Prosecutor Aronberg and were there for only a few short minutes before nearly a dozen police cars converged on the group and began making arrests.  Six were released after providing identification showing that they were Palm Beach residents but  the rest were taken to jail.  The last 6 of the arrested were initially taken to the West Palm Beach police department and then transported to the main jail in Palm Beach County where they were held for nearly 7 hours before they were released, with each being given a court date of June 14.  Two journalists were also arrested that day.  One was arrested for crossing the tracks with the protesters as he documented the event and the other was believed to have been arrested for trespassing on the parking lot of the condominium.

Interestingly, none were arrested for their protest but rather, they were arrested for crossing over the Tri-Rail railroad tracks which was a short walking distance from the condominium.  The protesters were not trespassing on the property of the home of the prosecutor.  The railroad tracks were not blocked by a fence, there were no signs stating it was illegal to cross where they crossed.  It hardly appears that crossing the railroad tracks rises to the level of arresting and detaining activists for hours.  So why all the hoopla over a simple crossing of railroad tracks?

One can make several assumptions or conclusions. Was this an effort to end the free speech of these protesters by way of arrest?  Perhaps it was since the event began at the courthouse and ended outside of the condo of the state Prosecutor.  If this is the case, the Palm Beach County Police should entertain the idea that people have the right to express their unhappiness with a broken system.  If the squashing of free speech is not the reason, can the answer lie in the recent dox of the state prosecutor and the collecting of names of attendees at the protest?  They were arrested and identification was demanded.  Since a recently released article stated that Homeland Security would be notified regarding the release of information of the Prosecutor, was this an arranged plan to gather intel for reasons other than a simple protest and a trot across some railroad tracks?  One may never know…or will we?

There will be an arraignment for all 12 activists on June 14 at 1:00pm at the Palm Beach County courthouse located at 3228 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach, FL.  As always, we ask that you stand and show your support for these Anons.  Crossing railroad tracks should not be cause to arrest and detain anyone.

The shooting of Corey Jones by a Palm Beach County Sheriff goes to the grand jury on June 30.

We are Freeanons and we will not rest until all Anons are free.


News Article Here:

Arrested Anon In UK Faces Possible Extradition To The U.S.

Tonight we spoke with a very courageous anon who made it clear that his motives in his alleged hacking crimes related to the treatment of the homeless worldwide.  What was so shocking about this interview on Anonops Radio with anonRisk and a member of Freeanons was that this young man, a resident in the UK is 16 years old and his passion for caring for the homeless far exceeds the drive of most adults.  We had the pleasure of a one hour interview with this anon who calls himself Derplaughing.

Derp, as we will call him, is facing multiple charges which include conspiracy under the Computer Misuse Act sections 1, 2 and 3 for his alleged actions against several UK government sites in addition to a dox on the Deputy Director of Homeland Security in the U.S.  If found guilty in the UK, he faces up to 12 years in prison.  He is also accused of hacking the Fort Lauderdale city website when a law was passed preventing people from feeding the homeless.  If the U.S. chooses to extradite and try him, there is no telling the decades he could remain behind bars.  The fact that he is only 16 years old brings hope that the U.S. chooses to allow the UK to handle this matter but one can never be certain when it comes to computer crimes.  We believe that the case against Lauri Love is a clear indication of how deplorable the U.S. can be.

This very interesting, well spoken young man explained that the motives behind any alleged computer crimes pertained to the treatment of the homeless or better, the lack of treatment.  He states that he feels too many people are focusing on #OpISIS exercises rather than events that can improve the care of the homeless such as #OpSafeWinter.  Derp stated in our interview that he feels more people should take to the streets and care for the homeless.  As we are aware, the homeless situation has reached crisis levels throughout the world.  I don’t think anyone who has paid attention to the ever growing homeless situation can disagree with Derp on this matter.  Derp also explained that had he taken to the streets and blocked an entrance to a store location or department, he would have received a simple warning but because his actions involved computer crimes, his sentence far exceeds a simple warning.  The most amazing thing that we took away from speaking with Derp, was his love of people and his strong desire to change the way the homeless are treated.

There is one final thing that Derp is charged with that we have to find nearly laughable.  It appears he is accused of allegedly taking down a KKK website under  #OPKKK .  Nothing funny there you might say and most would like to pat the boy on the back right?  Well, the KKK is asking for hundreds of dollars in damages because these actions prevented them from taking in donations and perhaps recruiting new members.  Our hearts bleed for the poor bastards.

Derp is presently out on bail but is expected in court again on May 10 to find out if his bail will be extended or if he will be jailed for his alleged crimes.  We, at Freeanons, wish him only the best and  will be here to support him throughout his court cases.

It is the opinion of the team at Freeanons that computer activism should be treated in the same manner as street activism and in which case, allow this very brave young man some community service which he would like to do in the streets assisting the homeless.  We are also in agreement with Derp that when laws are meant to discriminate against a group of people in dire need of assistance, it is our duty to force the laws to change.  This should not be a crime.  Ignoring the homeless is a crime against humanity no matter what country you happen to reside in.

Please help us in standing with this brave young man with very strong beliefs and show all governments that the treatment of the homeless must improve and should they choose not to make the needed changes to protect our most vulnerable population, the folks within Anonymous will continue to remind each government until the needed corrections are made.

We are anonymous, we are legion and we will not rest until all anons are free.


Update:  Lorax Court Date March 3

Adam Bennett, our very own Lorax, has court on March 3 in Perth Australia, and could face decades in prison.  Lorax and family; you are in our hearts and on our minds.  We wish you are favorable outcome in court.  We will be with you in spirit and awaiting your return to your seat at Lorax Live on Radio Anonops.

Adam, you are an inspiration to many.  There are no words to describe our admiration for your strength and your integrity throughout this horrible time in your life.  We have been waiting for this date in the hopes that the Australian government will return you to those who love you.  You have spoken truth to power and it’s time to bring back the Lorax.  from the words of the lorax; “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Keep smiling Lorax.  We hope this will all be over soon.  You will be free to live your life with your beautiful family and we will be here to celebrate all of your accomplishments.  Keep the faith our dearest friend.

We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network and we will not rest until Lorax is free.

Please follow the updates via @Freeanons or @g_advocat

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

Call to Action: Matt DeHart Letter Writing Campaign

Imprisoned anon and whistle-blower Matt DeHart’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for February 22, 2016.

This is a Call to Action!
Freeanons needs you to take a minute out of your day to show Matt DeHart he is not only not forgotten, he is loved and supported. Matt has not been receiving mail and we need to change that immediately!

Pause to appreciate all the freedoms you have at this very moment: the ability to be reading this post on your phone or computer, being able to look around at whatever scenery you have around you (whether it be trees, snow, or the beach outside your window; stuck in traffic; or a cubicle that you’ll be able to leave in a few hours), grabbing a snack, having access to proper nutrition, clean underwear, ongoing connectivity to your friends and family.

All Matt has right now are his thoughts and fears about what next week’s sentence will bring, his parents, some books – and us.

You will make a tremendous difference in Matt’s day, simply by sending him a message of support online. It takes less time than it would for you to leave a comment or share a facebook post (no registration required!).

Send your message of support for Matt DeHart now

Matt has been in US Federal Custody since March 15, 2015, when he was deported back the US after Canada denied his request for asylum for himself and his family. He has been subjected to torture and is currently living in abhorrent conditions in the Bowling Green, Kentucky jail as he awaits his sentence, as described by his mother:

He is residing in what he calls the “dungeon.” It’s the basement of the jail with no windows with 10 other men. There are bunks and mattresses on the floor. The food amount is small and most times unidentifiable. Matt shares his commissary purchased soups, tuna and whatever protein he can find with some of the guys who are hungry. The lack of vitamin C is a real concern, but he found some vitamins on commissary to help.

Matt was given a “choice” between a plea deal or risking a 40 to 70 year prison sentence. After being subjected to torture by his own government and given the high conviction rate of federal trials, Matt opted to plead guilty to a heinous crime he did not commit.

This request has a special urgency – it isn’t just about showing we support a fellow anon’s actions; it’s to hopefully give Matt a little hope and feel a sense of connection. He is already prone to depression (his father has raised concerns regarding Matt having a “very similar psychological makeup” to Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide while under federal indictment for data-theft), and this is obviously an incredibly bleak time for him.  We need Matt to see he is not his sentence and to know that people recognize him for the person that he is.

There is another reason writing to Matt is so important. As mentioned, we have been told that Matt has not received much mail lately. This does not mean no one is sending mail; it means that Matt is not receiving letters people may be writing him. By uniting together to send Matt mail and sharing the number of letters we’ve sent, we can help demonstrate that Matt’s case, his support, and his treatment are in the public eye.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Send Matt DeHart a message to show we care.

Jon Cowden remains in prison #OpPalestine

Jon Cowden remains in prison #OpPalestine

As many of you may recall, Jonathan (Jon) Cowden was arrested and jailed for one year for his part in #OpPalestine.  Freeanons had written an article following his release which explained his incarceration and the issues he suffered as a result of his incarceration.

As you are all aware, when our Anons are released from prison for computer related crimes, computer monitoring is typically a condition of release but this condition prevents most employers from considering hiring these released prisoners as no corporation wants the FBI monitoring their computers.  Jon explained to us at one point that even McDonalds wouldn’t hire him because they use computers and they would have to be monitored.  His self confidence was squashed in prison and he suffered PTSD also as a result of his incarceration.

Jon was beginning to feel better about himself. With the help of his beloved dog Chazz, an incredibly supportive girlfriend and a job in the works, life was finally looking up for our Anon that the world had forgotten.   All of that came to an abrupt halt on 10/25/2015 when Jon was arrested for violation of probation for being in possession of a pocket knife and a tablet computer.  He was taken back into custody, transferred from his home in San Diego and sent back to the state of origin, St, Louis, MO in August. He was transferred to a halfway house and ultimately to Victorville where he remains in prison at this time. He was kept from friends and loved ones and to say his life felt like it was falling apart must be an understatement.  With some luck, he was eventually transferred back to CA where his girlfriend, although it is 125 miles away and the travel is costly to say the least, was finally able to visit him.  He will remain in prison until his parole period has been completed which will be 7/5/2016. Following his release, he will be a free man with a felony record attempting to locate work in computer technology.  Of course, we feel that this is a ridiculous issue and certainly nothing that should have resulted in revocation of probation and incarceration for nearly 9 months but today, our only concern is for Jon.

While Jon’s girlfriend is taking care of Chazz the wonderdog and also caring for Jon’s car, it was told to me that someone recently smashed the window in Jon’s care and stole property from it.  This is hardly something someone in prison needs to be told.  Chazz has been of tremendous assistance in reducing Jon’s PTSD.  We thank Jon’s girlfriend for caring for Chazz as they both await his release.  

Jon served a one year sentence for his part in #OpPalestine and it’s incredibly sad to say that he served is alone.  No letters from supporters, no cards on his birthday and no funds to help him get through this devastating time.  We can’t correct the past but we are determined to current the present.

Jon’s girlfriend has set up a wish list of books for Jon and she has even set up a wish list for Chazz as well to assist with his needs while Jon is unable to do so.  We are also asking every member of Anonymous, all over the world, and each individual who understands how crippling prison can be, to pick up a pen and paper and write to Jon.  Let’s not let the loneliness of his previous incarceration be repeated while he serves this time for a pocket knife and tablet computer.

While Freeanons had recently suspended our fundraising campaign, we are temporarily restarting it for donations to Jon until a personal one can be started.  We will transfer any funds to him and provide you with a receipt of that transfer.  Please add a note to your donation that says “For Jon” so we know exactly where these funds are to be sent. When an Anon is arrested, it is up to each of us to stand up and show support and love and minimize the trauma of incarceration in any way possible.  Freeanons is asking you to stand with us today and make this happen for Jon.  As always, we thank you, our Anons thank you and their families thank you.

FCI Victorville Medium I
P.O. BOX 3725

Jon’s Wishlist:  Books for Jon

Chazz’s Wishlist:  Dogs have wishlists too 🙂