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Our 2012 1120 tax form was filed on September 15, 2013. We had an extension within which to file. The following are our sworn figures to the IRS. These figures are taken directly from our 2012 1120, and declared under penalty of perjury as true to the IRS, and if they are incorrect, could incur prosecution: 2012 Gross receipts or sales: $5868.13 This represents all income, from any source, including donations, cds, and income from MyAnonStore.

Compensation of officers or salaries and wages: 00.00. We have never paid any salaries, wages or compensation to any person. No person is compensated for their work with us.

Deductions and expenses: Our deductions and expenses include the following: Wepay fees. bank fees, money transfer fees, and hosting costs. We do not pay taxes on deductions. We keep all receipts to show exactly how much was spent on these fees.

Taxes filed with the IRS 1120 totaled $420.00 thus far in 2012. This figure may increase if we decide we need to pay more tax, or decrease if the IRS determines we have overpaid.

Total Donations made in 2012: $4960.00. We keep full records of every donation made. Each donation can be proved by cancelled check, money order or wire transfer made in the arrested person’s name, or that of their designated representative. While we are obligated to keep confidentiality, some of the Anons who have publicly acknowledged donations from us include: Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Higinio Ochoa, John Borell, Vincent Kershaw, Gabriel Baleasa, Josh Covelli, and the travel fund for PayPal14, which was maintained by their supporters. If more supporters mention us publicly, we will publish their names.

Our income figures for 2013 will be filed when due, and those figures published here as well.

As of January 2014, we will be restructuring Freeanons. We will publish more information on this in the coming days.

We have a letter writing party tonight for Higinio Ochoa. Please check our @freeanons twitter for the link. Higz sent us an amazing letter we would like to share. We hope these words will inspire you to respond to him.

September 26, 2013 at 2:27 PM
I wish I could rally for smarter schools and bigger budgets. I wish my voice
could call for the freedoms we were promised to be relies. I wish I had the
knowledge and strength to change the perception of those still blind. I wish
these simply so I wouldn’t need to wish.

I will always have my past but now I am ready for my future. I am often asked
what I have learned in prison. Besides pain, suffering and a loneliness
unmatched anywhere else I have learned little. I have seen the cost of
freedom and I am paying forward. I learned why our government is failing and
our police forced to fight their own. The answer is to me as clear as it is
simple: Human Nature.
We have allowed the empowerment of people for durations that can last
lifetimes but who’s appointment was taken out of our hands. We have given up
our voices so that others may choose for us. We have allowed the very
freedoms we take for granted to be handed over without a fight.
We have allow child rapists to serve less time then those who fight for
freedom and we ask for change instead of demand it. The same people putting
low end drug dealers away are allowed to fund the ones who ship it to them.
Our judicial system is flawed because while we expect it to protect us we
allow others to choose its enforcement.

Our government has erased our expectations to privacy by pushing fear.
Our government has intruded on every medium of free speech we have even going
as far as to define where it is allowed.
Our government is allowed to police our morals because we have turned over
that power to them.
Our VOICE is being silenced because WE have allowed it to be so.

This is what I have learned.
I am not here to find answers to problems that have plagued us for
generations. At my roots I am but a soldier. I am tired from my fight and my
family has suffered because of it. I am often asked what do I need and how
can you help.

The answer plainly is:
Money and books, is this not the staple of any prison stint?

The truth is a lot more grey:
I need my family. I need to provide. I need my freedoms. I need the rights I
fought for to be given back when I am finally free. I need to educate the
world. I need to feed those in need. I need justice and fairness. I need love
and compassion. I need understanding and willingness. Above it all however, I
need someone else to step in and take this weak soldiers place.

I will always be in debt to those who have helped me and my family through
this all but there are those who I will never be able to pay back. My loving
wife and children. Can you look around you and say that after all we have
fought for that even a day without could be traded for a cause? I would do
what I did again not because of what I know but because of what I didn’t. I
never knew a love so deep or a bond so strong. I hope that others who choose
to fight do so with knowledge and understanding. It is our last chance to
make a lasting change because the next generation will not have the rights or
chances we have now.

My many thanks and love to the many fallen soldiers on the path to freedom.
May our loss truly help those who need inspiration.

In War & Peace,

Operation PenPal – Our brothers and sisters have been taken away from us. Some of the best and brightest of our generation are locked away from the world in an effort to silence them and make us forget. But we are Legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget. We leave no one behind.

Our comrades are accused of working to make government transparent and accountable to the people. They are accused of setting information free. They are accused of opposing war and crimes committed under its banner. They are accused of disrupting financial institutions that have themselves disrupted and ruined the lives of millions.

We do not believe these actions or the people being charged for them are dangerous. The acts that they are accused of can at worst be called civil disobedience and whistle blowing. Yet the government has already decided they are guilty, holding some for years without a trial.

We now launch #OpPenPal as an ongoing action in support of Anons and other activists navigating the nightmare of the “justice” system. Anyone can join this operation – find a pen, some paper, and a stamp. We may be from the Internet, but we are backward compatible. Let a political prisoner know they are not forgotten.

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  • Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
    >> download document here

    The W0rmer Family is in need of our support! August 26, 2012. A federal judge in Austin this past week sentenced Higinio Ochoa III aka W0rmer to 27 months in federal prison for hacking into computers of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, Houston County, Alabama and the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association.

    Higinio Ochoa III was recently moved to what appears to be a permanent location in Ohio, where he will serve the remainder of his sentence. Prior to this move, Kylie, Higinio’s wife and his Mother took a long trip from South Texas to Martinsburg, West Virgina where he was previously housed and believed to be a permanent location. Kylie and Karen were told they would be able to have a visit with Hig prior to traveling to the prison. Upon arriving at the facility, they were informed that the only interaction would be via a tv monitor.

    The family left the prison hurt and bewildered that they were not able to see Higinio in person as promised. If you have followed this case, you know that Kylie is pregnant and is expecting to give birth in 6 weeks. Her window of opportunity to see her Husband is very small as she will not be able to travel shortly.

    Part of jail support is doing our best to help the prisoners have visits from their families. It’s a vital part of assisting these prisoners emotionally to complete their sentence with as much support and love as possible. Being away from your family for 27 months is hard enough. This is an unusual case as Higinio is expecting a baby and will not be present for the birth of his son.

    We can assist Kylie and Higinio to have one visit before Kylie has baby Brody if you will be kind enough to share this post and donate as you are able to assist Kylie in getting to Ohio where Hig is presently incarcered. We are in need of your assistance as quickly as possible so please do what you can to share this post and donate if you can.

    The donation site is as follows:

    Mail to the jail is a support effort for arrested Anons, hactivists, and activists that can provide a forum to organize letter writing campaign’s for those charged and jailed worldwide. It was organized by Hammond Support Network for Jeremy Hammond, and has been expanded by them and The Anonymous Solidarity Network (Freeanons), to include all those in need of support.

    It builds on the great efforts of operation valentine (#opvalentine) and operation penpal (#oppenpal), which greatly encouraged these political targets and prisoners. No one should have to sit. Isolated when they are being punished by the government for following their conscience.

    So until we free them all, lets show them we never forget.

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  • Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
    >> download document here