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The Anonymous Solidarity Network support all arrested Anons around The Wolrd. We will not forget until every Anon is free!

– Hello world !
– We are Anonymous.
– We are legion.
– We do not forgive.
– We do not forget.
– Expect us.

This is the Anonymous credo. These are the words that have been spoken by all of those who count themselves amongst our ranks and immortalised by all of those who have and continue to contribute to our cause.

– We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network.
– We will attest to the Anonymous creed,
– We will not forgive.
– We will not forget until every Anon is free!

We are inspired to action by the prosecution of our friends and family. Our friends and family, Anons prosecuted for having taken actions we believe are legitimate acts of protest against an unjust and corrupt state.

Actions that in many instances have benefited the people.
Actions that often hurt no one. We contribute because we care.

We are FreeAnons because we believe that the greatest contribution that we can make to the collective are those that contribute to the cause of our fallen brothers and sisters.

Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
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A federal judge in Austin this past week sentenced Higinio O. Ochoa III to 27 months in federal prison for hacking into computers of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, Houston County, Alabama and the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association. Higinio, who pleaded guilty in June to accessing a protected computer without authorization, had faced up to five years in prison. U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks ordered him to pay more than $14,000 in restitution. Higinio, also known as anonw0rmer, was a member of the CabinCr3w and an Anonymous hacktivist.