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Give no quarter. This has been their reply. “You’ve taken my brother. He has done no harm.” Give no quarter. “You’ve made a mistake. She’s my friend.” Give no quarter. “This man is but a journalist. Since when is that a crime?” Give no quarter. “My daughter served our country with honor and courage. She was only doing her duty to the people by exposing these war crimes.” Give no quarter. “He accepted your plea. Show leniency.” Give no quarter. “He is only a child. I’ve taken his computer. He wont do it again!” Give no quarter.

The people cry out for mercy. Our family and friends are prosecuted for reasons unjustifiable except for in the court of corporate and political interest. The people’s cries are not ignored. “Give no quarter.” This is the state’s reply. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network and we demand justice! We renounce the prosecution of our family and friends but still attend their proceedings. We beat our drums, we sing our songs and we attest to the illegal prosecution of our comrades. Mercy requires compassion and forbearance, the state has neither. The people plea for clemency. We sing, “Bella ciao!”

Give no quarter? We are #FreeAnons. We ask for no quarter! We ask for nothing. What we expect of the state we demand from the state. The only quarter we would ever request is that of Jeremy Hammond’s and Barrett Brown’s so that we can burn the prisons holding them down from the inside out. Too easily is our creed forgotten by those we wage this war against. “We do not forgive. We do not forget.” We will never negotiate with a state illegally prosecuting our family and friends! Those that prosecute our comrades use our nation’s laws to justify their iniquitous actions.

Those that they are prosecuting are being prosecuted for committing so called crimes that benefited the very people our nation’s laws are meant to protect. Crimes against corporations and government agencies that are breaking those same laws and actively pursuing the suppression of any dissent that challenges their status quo. The people are charged with crimes but when corporations or government agencies illegally access our communications or personal computers it’s not a crime but a matter of greater profit margins or an act of national security. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network and to this we reply, “Give no quarter!”

Give no quarter, ask no quarter and remember the Anonymous creed, “We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” The state’s prosecution of our comrades can just as easily and with as much impunity become their pursuit of us. Your greatest asylum is your anonymity, do not neglect it. Your greatest support during times of trouble is the Anonymous Solidarity Network, establish contact with it. If you do not know how then ask how! Adjust your sails and steer your ships with purpose. Hoist your flags and raise to half-mast that of #FreeAnons as homage to those still sailing towards these troubled waters.

Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
>> download document here

Free Barrett Brown and the Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee are collaborating to produce a night to jointly raise funds for the legal expenses of these two prominent internet activists. All proceeds will be split evenly between the two and will directly benefit barrett’s legal team and jeremy’s jail support fund.

This is a fundraiser event and variety show with notable speakers, musical performances, and the auctioning of items. Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond, whose cases are connected, are known for exposing the illegal private spying done by Stratfor, and for their association with Anonymous. Barrett faces up to 105 years in prison and is awaiting trial, while Jeremy faces up to 10 years after taking a non-cooperating plea agreement.

When: Monday, August 19th 2013 – 6PM to 11PM.

Where: ThoughtWorks NYC – 99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor.
– Max capacity : 80 people. Admission : $20 minimum.

Speakers: Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights, attorney for WikiLeaks), Jay Leiderman (Attorney who has defended members of Anonymous), Tor Ekeland (Attorney for weev, convicted under CFAA), Kevin Gallagher (Director of Free Barrett Brown), Emily Kunstler (from Jeremy’s legal team, with a statement from Jeremy), Alexa O’Brien (Journalist covering the Bradley Manning trial, by video), Glenn Greenwald (Journalist who broke NSA stories, by video) To be announced…

Performers: Arthur Smilios (of The Gorilla Biscuits)
– Anthony Atamanuik (UCB Theatre/MTV/30 Rock). To be announced…

Auction items: Art by Shepard Fairey, Glen Friedman, Molly Crabapple.
– A signed guitar from Dave Navarro. To be announced…

Shepard Fairey: I have complained about the war on whistleblowers several times, but here I go again. History is littered with examples of people who were persecuted/prosecuted for acts that society later considered noble and are now highly regarded as stands for the greater good. Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown are suffering for trying to alert the public to things that should not be secret. Read more about them and support justice and this fundraiser. I donated some prints.

  • You can contribute to Barrett’s cause by visiting
  • You can contribute to Jeremy’s cause by visiting
  • Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
    >> download document here

    I pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This was a very difficult decision. I hope this statement will explain my reasoning. I believe in the power of the truth. In keeping with that, I do not want to hide what I did or to shy away from my actions. This non-cooperating plea agreement frees me to tell the world what I did and why, without exposing any tactics or information to the government and without jeopardizing the lives and well-being of other activists on and offline.

    During the past 15 months I have been relatively quiet about the specifics of my case as I worked with my lawyers to review the discovery and figure out the best legal strategy. There were numerous problems with the government’s case, including the credibility of FBI informant Hector Monsegur. However, because prosecutors stacked the charges with inflated damages figures, I was looking at a sentencing guideline range of over 30 years if I lost at trial. I have wonderful lawyers and an amazing community of people on the outside who support me. None of that changes the fact that I was likely to lose at trial. But, even if I was found not guilty at trial, the government claimed that there were eight other outstanding indictments against me from jurisdictions scattered throughout the country. If I had won this trial I would likely have been shipped across the country to face new but similar charges in a different district. The process might have repeated indefinitely. Ultimately I decided that the most practical route was to accept this plea with a maximum of a ten year sentence and immunity from prosecution in every federal court.

    Now that I have pleaded guilty it is a relief to be able to say that I did work with Anonymous to hack Stratfor, among other websites. Those others included military and police equipment suppliers, private intelligence and information security firms, and law enforcement agencies. I did this because I believe people have a right to know what governments and corporations are doing behind closed doors. I did what I believe is right.

    I have already spent 15 months in prison. For several weeks of that time I have been held in solitary confinement. I have been denied visits and phone calls with my family and friends. This plea agreement spares me, my family, and my community a repeat of this grinding process.

    I would like to thank all of my friends and supporters for their amazing and ongoing gestures of solidarity. Today I am glad to shoulder the responsibility for my actions and to move one step closer to daylight.

  • Jeremy Hammond
  • Jeremy Hammond, Whistleblower and Electronic Robin Hood. Jeremy Hammond faces a life term for hacking Stratfor Emails, and providing them to Wikileaks. U.S. Federal Judge Loretta Preska has refused to recuse herself from the closely watched trial of jailed computer hacker Jeremy Hammond, an alleged member of the group “Anonymous” charged with hacking into the computers of the private intelligence firm Stratfor and turning over some five million emails to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

    Michael Ratner is President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in New York and Chair of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin.

    Michael Ratner: He’s known as the Electronic Robin Hood. He’s a 28-year-old man. He’s currently in federal prison here in New York. His name is Jeremy Hammond. In my view, Jeremy Hammond is a very important whistleblower and he should be a hero to many. Jeremy Hammond is the equivalent of an electronic Robin Hood if he did what the Government alleges. So he is really part of the attack that you’re seeing right now on what are called hacktivists. These are really political people, whom are obtaining Government and private documents and exposing the corruption, the venality, and the criminality of not just private companies but Governments as well.

    The Center for Constitutional Rights and myself are the lawyers in the United States for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has two very big sources of documents. One of them are the documents allegedly that Bradley Manning uploaded, which include of course the Iraq war logs, Afghan war logs, the videos, etc., and that’s Bradley Manning, allegedly. The others are the Stratfor documents, which is the private intelligence company, which are some five million documents, that again were uploaded to WikiLeaks. So, if we talk about our client, Julian Assange, two of the alleged sources are Jeremy Hammond, Anonymous and Bradley Manning. So we’re very concerned. WikiLeaks, I know, is very concerned that its sources get protected in all the support they can get.

    So, as part of that, I have been monitoring and going to various hearings with Jeremy Hammond, and I went into the prison and I met Jeremy Hammond. And I was at his recent bail hearing in federal court, where even though he’s been in prison some nine months and needs to prepare for his upcoming criminal case on his alleged hack into the Stratfor emails, the judge, Judge Loretta Preska, denied him bail. It was a one-and-a-half-hour hearing. There were a number of supporters in the courtroom who came from all over the country, with Jeremy Hammond — “Free Jeremy Hammond” shirts on. And it was, in my view, a very hostile hearing to Jeremy Hammond.

    Postcards for Jeremy Hammond: Considering the locations of all of the supporters of Jeremy Hammond, we have started this project not only to increase mail to Jeremy but to show Jeremy that he has support from all over the world. Please join us in getting a postcard and sending it to Jeremy. Jeremy has expressed many times that he loves receiving letters and his lawyers have expressed to us the prison’s frustration with having to sort through all of his mail. So, lets make Jeremy very happy and piss off the prison by sending Jeremy a postcard from wherever you live.

  • Jeremy Hammond – 18729-424
    Metropolitan Correctional Center
    150 Park
    Row New York, New York, 10007
  • Freeanons has received much support of late, which we deeply appreciate.
    It comes on the heels of Lulzsec sentences in the U.K., handed down this past Thursday. We have been following these cases closely, as well as Jeremy’s Hammond’s related case in the Southern District of New York. Ryan Ackroyd was sentenced to a 30 month sentence of which he is expected to serve 15 months. Jake Davis, 20, was sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility. Mustafa Bassam received a 20 month sentence which was suspended for two years, as well as 300 hours of community service. In the meantime, Jeremy still waits for trial. He has now been incarcerated for 14 months, having been denied bail on exceedingly spurious grounds.

    This past week we have seen Anonymous arrests in Italy, as well. We urge support for these Anons. We have also been reminded that there are two sets of pending cases in Spain, one from 2011, which can be read about here, and another from 2012 related to Operation Unmask. Freeanons.Org operates with the help of a very dedicated core group of activists and channel administrators, some of whom have been in our channel day and night for well over a year. While we try to support every arrested Anon, there are many, many Anons who now face persecution from their governments. Our support system works best when an indicted or jailed Anon, or group of Anons, has a focused support group dedicated to raising money and awareness to his or their particular cause. That is why Jeremy Hammond and Barret Brown’s cases have remained in the public eye. Our goal at Freeanons.Org now is support this kind of localized effort, and offer advice, when needed, as to setting up donation sites and media campaigns run by the arrested Anon’s friends, family, or community, as well as to give money and promote media for Anons in cases where this is not possible. So we encourage people to form these localized support groups for cases across the globe, and contact us for any help needed in the effort. We want to promote these individual efforts.

    Whether a donation is one dollar or a thousand dollars, we are heartened equally by both the effort, and the words, like these, that have accompanied the donations since our inception:

    bonne chance à tous…que le cosmos soit avec vous…

    This is a thank you to the brave people who have taken a stand on behalf of Americans and world citizens, alike. May your struggle right now not be in vain. But know it does not go unappreciated.

    Solidarity from xxxxxxxx, KY!

    This money is intended to help Eric Rosol. We do not forget.

    Finally way to help as I am a mom and grandmother that is not computer savvy but I do know how to click the confirm button! I will also be visiting the store. Keep up the amazing work! You’re are only hope!!

    Your work is truly appreciated. Only wish I could do more to help. It may not be much but I hope is usefull to you. Thank you for your courage and guidance in opening our eyes to so much uglyness. I will donate as I’m able. Rest assure is from my heart. United we will become stronger.

    Solidarity, bros

    Please use this donation however you think is best. I understand all dont have a support network so use it where needed. Thanks


    Hope togethter we can free anons much love!

    I wish I could do more. I will be back to donate again when possible.

    keep up teh good find #DDG

    “Legion: For we are many.”

    good luck with this. Wish I could give more. xox

    this time, for LulzCart, pl0x

    Money for Lulzcart to get to court

    God Speed Brothers and Sisters

    I wish it could have been more, but I’m lucky to be able to do this. We have to protect each other.

    Thanks ya’ll.

    Keep up the great work! Thank you! Anonymous- Holder can kiss our Yankee arses!

    Good luck 🙂


    You guys have my support, I know it’s not much but hopefully everything counts. Wish I could do more for you guys, keep doing what you’re doing!

    Bless them

    Its not much but i wanted to give something. anonymous is the voice of the people you are me,her,him,we are legion we are everyone, THANKYOU to those who fight.thank you to those who disobey. keep on, keeping on…

    This is just some of the correspondence and well-wishes we’ve received over the past long and difficult months, and it’s these words, finally, that keep us going. Thank you all.