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Splendid Spoon Is In Need Of Support

Lauren Pespisa, aka Splendid Spoon, a friend to so many, has been jailed in Massachusetts.  You may recognize Lauren from the documentary The Hacker Wars if you are not already familiar with this beautiful lady.  All who know Lauren will attest to the love they have for her.  She’s been committed to change for as long as we’ve known her.  She is our family and at this time, she finds herself alone and in prison.  Lauren is in dire need of your letters of support and love.  We ask you at this time to please do not allow your comrade to feel alone and forgotten.  Grab a pen and paper and send her a message.  

To our dear friend Splendid Spoon…..We love you, we miss you and we will not forget you.  Get your ass back to us soon.  

We are Freeanons and we will not rest until all anons are free.

Lauren Aline Pespisa, A133275
MCI Framingham
P.O. Box 9007
Framingham, MA 01701

Twitter:  Splendid Spoon