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Activist, musician, DJ, producer, and steadfast supporter of FreeAnons – Ivan Munoz has announced an upcoming tour in which he will raise awareness about issues surrounding whisteblowers and hacktivists. Here’s his background:

Since 2005 I have been making music and touring the world with talented musicians playing hard electronic music in an attempt to shake people’s conscience about the problems we face in our world.

Mixing elements of electronics music and metal I have been able to create a very powerful mix that allowed me to share the stage and collaborate with many of my favorite musical heroes like Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy, Clawfinger, Ministry, Die Krupps and many more.

Last year I started work on my new album “Turning Point” and I was very concerned about the government persecution of whistleblowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden as well as hacktivists like Julian Assange and Jeremy Hammond.

That’s why I decided to donate the song “It’s Our Time” to collect funds for the people from Anonymous in jail. (For more information please visit #opourtime)

I also donated another version of this song to the compilation Defcon 21 (Buy it here!) to collect funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the few organizations that protects internet freedom around the world. (For more information please visit

He’s launched a crowdfunding campaign to take action to the next level and start a new tour, #Opourtime 2014, with Vigilante to promote his last single “It’s Our time” and to spread awareness about the Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and FreeAnons cases. You can follow him on twitter @vigilanteband. You can also follow @SaveManning , @JulianAssange and @freeanons to support his effort. We offer him our sincere thanks and appreciation for, once again, thinking of us and going the distance for FreeAnons.

Upcoming Tour dates:

Yes, we are dancing for donations to assist All Arrested Anons.

Our funds are typically very limited but we currently have less than $1,000.00.
Should there be an emergency with a persecuted Anon, our ability to provide assistance would be slim to none. As much as we do not like to ask for donations, we count on them to provide assistance to the ones who have found themselves jailed or under indictment.

We have chosen to create a fun event where some very dedicated Anons have volunteered to make total asses of themselves to solicit your donations and support and all that we ask is that you consider any size donation to The Anonymous Solidarity Network (FreeAnons) so that we may continue to assist the ones that fight for all.

Of course, if you’re brave enough to make a fool of yourself for a great cause, please send us your videos of support. It’s alright, act foolish for a great cause. The amount shown in the donation portion is the total amount raised by FreeAnons in the last two years !

  • We need your help as our funds are depleted.
  • Donations & Disclosure
  • Anonymous Online Shop – MyAnonStore

  • YTCracker support Jeremy Hammond with the single “Otherworldly Foe“.

    We are The Anonymous Solidarity Network.

  • We will not forgive.
  • We will not forget until every Anon is free!
  • We are inspired to action by the prosecution of our friends and family.
  • Our friends and family, Anons prosecuted for having taken actions we believe are legitimate acts of protest against an unjust and corrupt state.
  • YTCracker (pronounced “whitey cracker”) is a “former” hacker turned nerdcore rapper most known for defacing the webpages of several federal and municipal government websites in the United States at the age of 17. YTCracker began producing rap music in 1998 in the genre that has since become known as nerdcore hip hop. His early work mainly focused on documenting and amusing the participants of the America Online hacking scene.

    Mail to Jeremy Hammond can be sent to:

    Jeremy Hammond, #18729-424
    Metropolitan Correctional Center
    150 Park Row
    New York, New York, 10007

    Show your support and show we do not forget!
    Please check out the FreeAnons Compact Disc compilation “Hear Us Now!”.
    You can listen to it free online, or buy it online and download tracks, but everyone knows it is 10 times cooler to actually have a physical copy! The CD includes 27 tracks. 3 discs; 2 discs of music and a 3rd containing Anonymous inspired art.

    All of the proceeds donated to The Anonymous Solidarity Network will be used to support prosecuted Anons in some fashion or another. How the money is used, specifically, depends on the circumstances and is at the discretion of the network. FreeAnons provides prosecuted Anons, many of whom are now burdened financially because of their prosecution, with assistance attending court hearings and other means of financial and moral support. The network also, occasionally, puts money on the commissary funds of Anons still incarcerated. If you, personally, would like a say in how the money is used we invite you to join the Anonymous Solidarity Network on IRC.AnonOps.

  • Anonymous Online Shop – MyAnonStore

  • When Internet activists are getting longer prison sentences than rapists you have to wonder what kind of world we’re leaving for our kids” (Anonymous). In a world where we see every day how goverments, banks and corporations strip away our privacy and freedoms in the name of greed, power and control; Ivan Muñoz (aka Vigilante) is stepping up and will release the single “It’s our time” to raise funds for the members of the hacktivist group Anonymous facing prosecution.

    All the money raised by this single will be donated to the Anonymous Solidarity Network that exists to provide legal, financial and moral support for activists facing prosecution for involvement, alleged or otherwise, in Anonymous actions.

    Anonymous activism has emerged as a way to keep the balance between corrupt governments, ruthless corporations and the people. As consecuence of this many members like Jeremmy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Mercedes Haefer, Higinio Ochoa and many more face jail time for their efforts.

    Ivan said: “It is in moments like this that we need to make a difference and show to our brothers and sisters they are not alone, that we need to stand together in solidarity and fight against this kind of injustice, to lead the way so more people rise up without fear, and we could find a way together to create a better world for us and our futures generations with more justice, more peace and more freedom.

    The single “It’s our time” will be released in the next months including several remixes from great artists and will be part of the new Vigilante’s album “Turning Point”.

    It’s our time”  will be available as a digital download.

    We are anonymous.
    We are legion.
    It’s our time.
    Expect us.

  • Download the Official Press release
  • More info about Vigilante

  • Shower With Goats has added more tracks to benefit FreeAnons, at Bandcamp.
    They are fantastic, and you can check them out, here.

  • Thank you Shower With Goats! Much love back to you.