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Our 2012 1120 tax form was filed on September 15, 2013. We had an extension within which to file. The following are our sworn figures to the IRS. These figures are taken directly from our 2012 1120, and declared under penalty of perjury as true to the IRS, and if they are incorrect, could incur prosecution: 2012 Gross receipts or sales: $5868.13 This represents all income, from any source, including donations, cds, and income from MyAnonStore.

Compensation of officers or salaries and wages: 00.00. We have never paid any salaries, wages or compensation to any person. No person is compensated for their work with us.

Deductions and expenses: Our deductions and expenses include the following: Wepay fees. bank fees, money transfer fees, and hosting costs. We do not pay taxes on deductions. We keep all receipts to show exactly how much was spent on these fees.

Taxes filed with the IRS 1120 totaled $420.00 thus far in 2012. This figure may increase if we decide we need to pay more tax, or decrease if the IRS determines we have overpaid.

Total Donations made in 2012: $4960.00. We keep full records of every donation made. Each donation can be proved by cancelled check, money order or wire transfer made in the arrested person’s name, or that of their designated representative. While we are obligated to keep confidentiality, some of the Anons who have publicly acknowledged donations from us include: Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Higinio Ochoa, John Borell, Vincent Kershaw, Gabriel Baleasa, Josh Covelli, and the travel fund for PayPal14, which was maintained by their supporters. If more supporters mention us publicly, we will publish their names.

Our income figures for 2013 will be filed when due, and those figures published here as well.

As of January 2014, we will be restructuring Freeanons. We will publish more information on this in the coming days.

Yes, we are dancing for donations to assist All Arrested Anons.

Our funds are typically very limited but we currently have less than $1,000.00.
Should there be an emergency with a persecuted Anon, our ability to provide assistance would be slim to none. As much as we do not like to ask for donations, we count on them to provide assistance to the ones who have found themselves jailed or under indictment.

We have chosen to create a fun event where some very dedicated Anons have volunteered to make total asses of themselves to solicit your donations and support and all that we ask is that you consider any size donation to The Anonymous Solidarity Network (FreeAnons) so that we may continue to assist the ones that fight for all.

Of course, if you’re brave enough to make a fool of yourself for a great cause, please send us your videos of support. It’s alright, act foolish for a great cause. The amount shown in the donation portion is the total amount raised by FreeAnons in the last two years !

  • We need your help as our funds are depleted.
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  • Anonymous Online Shop – MyAnonStore
  • The Anonymous Solidarity Network would like to offer deep and sincere thanks to all of our donors, who have made it possible to support arrested Anonymous, both in the United States, and in other countries where they face charges. While we realize that a donation system is not ideal, our contributions do make a difference, in a small way, to those who face the burden of arrest. Since our inception, we have collected $7,856.00 in donations through WePay, and approximately $300.00 through mail and btc. Our outlays are as follows:

    – Donations to arrested Anonymous: $6,451.00
    – Corporation Filing Fees and Yearly Fees: $300.00
    – Bank Fees for Checking Account: $155.00
    – IRS Taxes 2011, 2012: $370.00
    – Hosting, DNS, 2011-2014: $140.00

    We would also like to thank Anonops IRC Network. Without the stability of Anonops,  the work of the Anonops server and network admins and network staff, and the #freeanons channels operators, we simply would not be able to continue in our mission. That is a fact. These people, who labor in the network, and in our channel, 24/7, perform a thankless job, at considerable risk to themselves, with very little in the way of tangible reward. We <3 you 🙂

  • Donations & Disclosure
  • Anonymous Online Shop – MyAnonStore
  • MyAnonStore

    MyAnonStore (Anonymous Online Shop) – Your place to get cool Anonymous stuffs, a proceed from every purchase goes to help FreeAnons and Anonops. Custom work our specialty, want something crazy done?

    You came to the right place! MyAnonStore (also known as Blasted Rat) is an independent vendor that has existed, in some form or another, for several years. In recent months, Blasted Rat has worked closely with the Anonymous Solidarity Network to assist with fund raising efforts. There are no manufacturers or other third parties contributing to this effort. All products advertised on this website are produced and distributed by Blasted Rat. This is a business and as such many of the products advertised here are sold for profit. Those products sold for the benefit of the Anonymous Solidarity Network are clearly marked as such in their descriptions.

    This website and those persons affiliated with it have very graciously cooperated with the Anonymous collective and have donated money to aid Anons facing prosecution. Any attack against this website would be an attack against prosecuted Anons and will be met with absolute retaliation by those contributing to their support effort; By Anons everywhere. In fact, it is not Blasted Rat but an Anon writing this statement and an Anon responsible for the upkeep of this website.

    For all practical purposes, Blasted Rat is an Anonymous affiliate and should be treated as such. For those unfamiliar with the Anonymous collective, Blasted Rat is based in the U.S. State of Florida and is a honest vendor providing high quality products. The sincerity of this vendor can be measured by its contributions to the Anonymous collective and the authenticity of fund raising efforts promoted by Blasted Rat can be verified at and

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