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Happy Birthday Jon Cowden

Happy Birthday Jon Cowden

No Anon should spend his birthday in prison for standing up for the rights of others. Jon served a 15 month sentence for hacking the computer systems of the office of Mayor Francis Slay of St. Louis, Missouri to prevent police brutality during the Occupy camp evictions. He was part of the Anonymous Operation, #OpFreePalestine, hacking into Israeli websites as part of the ongoing Anonymous operations in support of the citizens of Gaza. Jon was arrested and re-imprisoned for possession of a smart phone and an iPad (neither of which was an actual violation of his Supervised Release terms), and for having a pocket knife in his bedroom.

Jon will celebrate his birthday on February 18 behind bars.  His girlfriend has provided information about how you can support Jon and even send him a birthday card anonymously.  There should be no reason at all why this man isn’t receiving thousands of birthday cards from anons worldwide.  To date, he has received 30 cards and this is unacceptable given the many ways you can support this man.  Please take a moment to send Jon a birthday card.  He is without funds for even simple necessities, and time in prison has taken its toll on him both physically and emotionally.  He has a service dog to deal with his PTSD as a result of his previous incarceration that is being cared for by his amazing girlfriend.

To be quite honest with you, the team at Freeanons is growing tired of begging you to support your jailed Anons.  They have been jailed, abused and disregarded by the prison system.  Don’t let them feel they have been abandoned by you.

Jon’s supporters have set up an easy way for you to send Jon a birthday message via this link:    Birthday Cards for Jon Cowden

There are many other ways that Jon requires your assistance and they can be found at this link.  Please don’t ignore this plea for support as he did not ignore the need for help when his talents resulted in time in prison not once, but twice.  He deserves much better than this and I know you would feel the same way if you were in his shoes.  The support team of Jon Cowden has taken the time to break down the cost of being a prisoner at the BOP.  It is our duty to support our fallen Anons and now is the time to stand and fight for them.  The fact that this fundraiser has raised $80.00 is shameful.  Come on Anons!  Is this how you want any government to see how we care for our own??

Please follow this link and do what you know is right:  Support Jon Cowden

For those of you who are wondering about this awesome image, please meet Jon’s service dog Chazz!

Jon Cowden remains in prison #OpPalestine

Jon Cowden remains in prison #OpPalestine

As many of you may recall, Jonathan (Jon) Cowden was arrested and jailed for one year for his part in #OpPalestine.  Freeanons had written an article following his release which explained his incarceration and the issues he suffered as a result of his incarceration.

As you are all aware, when our Anons are released from prison for computer related crimes, computer monitoring is typically a condition of release but this condition prevents most employers from considering hiring these released prisoners as no corporation wants the FBI monitoring their computers.  Jon explained to us at one point that even McDonalds wouldn’t hire him because they use computers and they would have to be monitored.  His self confidence was squashed in prison and he suffered PTSD also as a result of his incarceration.

Jon was beginning to feel better about himself. With the help of his beloved dog Chazz, an incredibly supportive girlfriend and a job in the works, life was finally looking up for our Anon that the world had forgotten.   All of that came to an abrupt halt on 10/25/2015 when Jon was arrested for violation of probation for being in possession of a pocket knife and a tablet computer.  He was taken back into custody, transferred from his home in San Diego and sent back to the state of origin, St, Louis, MO in August. He was transferred to a halfway house and ultimately to Victorville where he remains in prison at this time. He was kept from friends and loved ones and to say his life felt like it was falling apart must be an understatement.  With some luck, he was eventually transferred back to CA where his girlfriend, although it is 125 miles away and the travel is costly to say the least, was finally able to visit him.  He will remain in prison until his parole period has been completed which will be 7/5/2016. Following his release, he will be a free man with a felony record attempting to locate work in computer technology.  Of course, we feel that this is a ridiculous issue and certainly nothing that should have resulted in revocation of probation and incarceration for nearly 9 months but today, our only concern is for Jon.

While Jon’s girlfriend is taking care of Chazz the wonderdog and also caring for Jon’s car, it was told to me that someone recently smashed the window in Jon’s care and stole property from it.  This is hardly something someone in prison needs to be told.  Chazz has been of tremendous assistance in reducing Jon’s PTSD.  We thank Jon’s girlfriend for caring for Chazz as they both await his release.  

Jon served a one year sentence for his part in #OpPalestine and it’s incredibly sad to say that he served is alone.  No letters from supporters, no cards on his birthday and no funds to help him get through this devastating time.  We can’t correct the past but we are determined to current the present.

Jon’s girlfriend has set up a wish list of books for Jon and she has even set up a wish list for Chazz as well to assist with his needs while Jon is unable to do so.  We are also asking every member of Anonymous, all over the world, and each individual who understands how crippling prison can be, to pick up a pen and paper and write to Jon.  Let’s not let the loneliness of his previous incarceration be repeated while he serves this time for a pocket knife and tablet computer.

While Freeanons had recently suspended our fundraising campaign, we are temporarily restarting it for donations to Jon until a personal one can be started.  We will transfer any funds to him and provide you with a receipt of that transfer.  Please add a note to your donation that says “For Jon” so we know exactly where these funds are to be sent. When an Anon is arrested, it is up to each of us to stand up and show support and love and minimize the trauma of incarceration in any way possible.  Freeanons is asking you to stand with us today and make this happen for Jon.  As always, we thank you, our Anons thank you and their families thank you.

FCI Victorville Medium I
P.O. BOX 3725

Jon’s Wishlist:  Books for Jon

Chazz’s Wishlist:  Dogs have wishlists too 🙂