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Freeanons Holiday Writing Event

Freeanons Letter Writing Campaign to incarcerated Anons and Whistleblowers

Jeremy Hammond, Matt Dehart, Barrett Brown, Aken, Otherwise, Timothy Justin French, Adam Bennett, Absantos, Jon Cowden, Jeffrey Sterling and our 3 arrested anons in France:  These folks are either in prison, heading to prison or on house arrest which may appear better than prison but not by much when you are forced into isolation by the courts and not permitted any interaction with even a friend or someone outside of the home.

Prisoners feel especially isolated during the holiday season when families visit and cards are received.  We do not intend to allow that to happen to our Anons and we are in need of help from each of you to make this a better holiday season for our Anons.  We will not forget them and we will fight for them until all are free from persecution.  While we cannot send cards to the ones who are not in prison, we can send them love via twitter or other means.  We would ask each of you to think of our jailed Anons while you write your holiday cards and letters and grab a card or write an extra letter this year. If you put up a Christmas tree, perhaps you can add an ornament for them and tell them about it in a card or letter.   Below you will find the names and addresses to make this process an easy one.  In order to ensure that each card is received, a return address (any return address) should be placed on the envelope.  Please don’t let these brave men feel any more alone than they already do.  They have sacrificed their freedoms.  Won’t you please give them a little of your time? They are our responsibility until they are returned home to the ones that love them.  We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate.  PLEASE NOTE:  No glitter, nudes or perfume on your cards and letters or they will not be delivered. With love to all from Freeanons.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

Matthew Paul Dehart #164682
Warren County Regional Jail
920 Kentucky Street
Bowling Green, KY  42101


Barrett Brown #45047-177
FCI Three Rivers
PO Box 4200
Three Rivers, TX  78071


Wish List Link:  Barrett Brown Book Wishlist

Jeremy Hammond #18729-424
FCI Manchester
PO Box 4000
Manchester, KY  40962


Wish List:  Jeremy Hammond Book Wishlist

Jason Hammond #M50190
Po Box 500
Vandalia, IL 62471

Wish List:  Jason Hammond Wish List

Timothy Justen French #47606-074
MCC Chicago
Metropolitan Correctional Center
71 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL  60605

Jeffrey Sterling #38338-044
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123


To send messages for Aken and Otherwise, please reach out to us @Freeanons and we will make that happen for you.