A Warning for the RNC & Beyond

June 29, 2016 by Freeanons

A Warning for the RNC & Beyond

FreeAnons Statement on The Fairbanks/Darby Affair:

A Warning for the RNC & Beyond

    Known Federal informant, Brandon Darby has recently made it known that he will be traveling to the RNC in Cleveland later this year.  He has not only solicited informants ( Brandon Darby Twitter ), he has outright stated his goal in attending is to get “anarchists” arrested.  Darby has since expressed support for the neo-nazis who were run out of Sacramento ( Brandon Darby Twitter  ).

FreeAnons has become aware that noted journalist Cassandra Fairbanks has been associating closely with known Federal informant Brandon Darby (see above retweet by Darby).  Given Ms. Fairbanks long history of access to the activist community, this is a troubling development.  We encourage organizers and activists to be aware of this relationship.

Given his history, and the fact that Ms. Fairbanks has stated her intent to join him at the RNC, we feel compelled to issue a specific warning to activists in that community to be aware of both of them.  
More Tweets:  Darby and Fairbanks

We would like to point out explicitly this is not about Ms. Fairbanks’s sexual history or appearance – it is about her current associations with a known Federal informant.  Her past history is relevant only in that
it illustrates the degree of access she has to the activist community.  FreeAnons condemns misogynist attacks based on malice as detracting from the very important need to spread the word of her affiliations.

Further, we condemn calls for violence. Ms. Fairbanks has the right to associate with whom she will – just as the community has the right to condemn and ostracize her for her choices.  As a community we can isolate them and rob them of their ability to profit off the back of our struggle.  By raising our voices loud and spreading the word to every block and community, we can render them moot and harmless without resorting to the tactics of physical force – the tactic of the oppressive state.  

Darby has made a number of inflammatory statements designed to foment violence against himself.  He needs to be attacked to retain his credibility and saleability in the face of Breitbart’s decline.  We urge activists, again particularly at the RNC to avoid playing into this trap.  

Our community was built upon trust – we must continue to be vigilant and look out for each other.  Just as we must avoid witch hunts – we must also avoid letting personal feelings or notoriety stop us from speaking out to protect others.  

Build a wall of silence around the FBI!  Sound the alarm when a Fed is in town!  No excuses for snitches!
    For more information on Brandon Darby: http://www.theragblog.com/lisa-fithian-fbi-informant-brandon-darby-sexism-egos-and-lies/